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Hello, I'm new to this and I'm not sure how to get motivated. I've been running for a week or so now and i just dont want to do it anymore. I get tired. Any tips to stay motivated?

    • We all lack the motivation at times. It helps me to run first thing in the morning. Also reminding myself of all the benefits; more energy, feeling empowered, etc. Are you tired mentally or physically?

    • Hi!

      What I like to normally do when I get bored is switch it up. I don't normally run because it doesn't interest me, but I'll normally try to do a workout everyday. But if you do get bored, try something new! If it's sunny, go on a bike ride while listening to some upbeat music. If you having a dog, just take them for a walk. Get out into nature! Or, one of my favorites, put on some headphone (or earbuds), play some of your favorite music, and just dance! It doesn't need to be anything big. But it will give you a break from running, but still get you moving!

      I really hopes this helps! And if anyone else has some fun ways to getting moving, feel free to share!

    • Oh, and if anyone wants advice on workouts to do, I have a few different videos I like to watch.

      And if you like to dance, look up Chakaboom Fitness on YouTube

    • I totally recommend the peleton app, they have outdoor runs as well as treadmill runs, for
      Me it's like running with a friend, they talk about the music and life and motive. Love it

    • so personally i always run at night, like around 7pm because that's just what i prefer and that way i don't have to wake up early; it also helps with your sleep schedule. i would recommend focusing on the miles not the minutes/calories. try to run 2 miles straight, or just total. i guarantee in a little over a week you'll notice an improvement. then just play around with your mileage. sometimes like tonight i run 4 miles, others i run 2. i also recommend running outside, and change up your path/surrounding. my other tip is to listen to music. whatever music you want. when i first got back into running and was running 11 minute miles i would listen to champagne problems by taylor swift… whatever will keep your mind off the run. daydream, think, etc. you'll start to enjoy it if you do.
      finally just always encourage yourself and tell yourself how great you did after. make your running time a time to be positive and kind to yourself.
      a habit takes 3 months to create, try and run at least 4 times a week, no more than two rest days in a during these months. it will soon just feel like a natural thing to do. … sorry for the essay smile

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      Sep 12 at 08:11 AM

      Hey, for me I try to keep running exciting, maybe try different locations even if you need to drive 20 min somewhere. Personally I always like to run near the beach and ideally on wet sand but if not then the adjacent street. I always try to keep it as painless as possible meaning not running in a heat and taking days off but always staying consistent because every time you run it gets easier and easier and you don't want to lose that; and I need to have an empty stomach or else I cramp up. Getting an app to track your progress is also a great way to be engaged with running and challenge yourself. Perhaps find someone who is around your speed to run with you, that way you guys can push each other to run even when one of you wants to quit. All in all don't make it as enjoyable as you can, good luck!

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      Sep 15 at 03:21 PM

      It might be motivating to sign up for an event. Maybe a 5k to start. Having a goal helps me.

    • If you just started running, I would make sure you give yourself some time to recover between running days.

    • Once you get past the initial "hell" of running, then it's great! To get past this I've found that it take about a month.

      I use the Zombies! Run app and also the Yes.Fit challenges to help keep me motivated! you can also try like a couch to 5k regime or other apps that help you ease into running with a walk/run approach!