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Sep 14 at 03:23 PM

Stronger FAQ (Part 1)

- What is the Stronger program?
The Stronger Challenge is a program decided to jumpstart your weight loss and fitness journey. The program is comprised of a low-calorie meal plan and challenging daily workouts provided daily via email.

- Who is the Stronger program available to?
The Stronger program is available to users of the MyPlate app for iOS.

- Do I need a Gold subscription?
The Stronger program is free and does not require a Gold subscription to participate.

- How do I sign up for the Stronger program?
Sign up for the Stronger program in the MyPlate iOS app. Tap the Meal Plans tab at the bottom of the app screen, select your start date and dietary preference.

- What dietary preferences are available?
The Stronger programs allows you to select either Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan, or Gluten-free as your dietary preference.

- Can I make substitutions?
We encourage you to make whatever substitutions you feel necessary to meet your needs and preferences.

- When will the program start?
The program will begin the Monday after you receive your first Shopping List.

- Can you change my start date?
We are unable to modify your program start date.