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Sep 14 at 03:29 PM

Stronger FAQ (Part 2)

- When will I receive my grocery list?
You will receive your Shopping Lists each Saturday morning. However you can view all of your Grocery Lists in the app by tapping the shopping basket icon in the upper-right.

- When will I receive the recipes?
You will receive your menu and recipes each morning. However you can view all of your meals in the app by tapping the Meal Plans tab.

- How do I track my meals?
You can quickly log your Stronger meals by tapping the Meal Plans tab, tapping the menu item, and tapping I Ate This.

- How do I quit the Stronger program?
If no longer wish to participate in the Stronger program, simply unsubscribe from the emails. Tap the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the Stronger emails you have received. If you need assistance unsubscribing, email us directly at

- Can I restart the program?
You may restart the Stronger program at any time by via the in-app Settings. Simply tap Restart STRONGER Meal Plan.

- Where can I go if I have additional questions about Stronger?
You can ask questions of other MyPlate users in the Stronger Program Talk section of the Community.
You can also ask questions of the Support Team by emailing