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Sep 15 at 09:30 AM

Obesity's Far-Reaching Impacts

Being overweight/ obese has it's obvious drawbacks that most (of not all) of us here have experienced....

But many don't know that "just" being overweight/ obese causes LOADS of mental and physical health problems (that can also be helped or even cured by losing weight and working on health). Our brains and bodies literally function differently when we carry around excess weight. It really is incredible how connected our brains and bodies are. heart

Afetr losing my weight, my depression and anxiety greatly improved, I came off of multiple prescription medicines, I can think better/ clearer and handle stress way better, long-term health issues I was having (and trying to get help from doctors with) got better (some went away entirely)... This is NOT just about the scale, peeps! smile

In case anyone needs some extra MOTIVATION to get that workout in today, or to make healthier food choices wink I wanted to share this article with 8 Mental & Physical health risks of Obesity:

    • I could not agree more! This is why I am a little concerned with some of the posts on here that fix an aesthetic value to weight loss. Aesthetics are a part of it..but the actions and decisions that are part of losing weight lead to a much more healthy life irrespective of movement on the scale.
      Regular exercise and eating more veg may or may not result in weight loss, but the impact on health is significant. In this case, resultant weight loss becomes the icing on the cake.
      And I love the increased mobility that comes with a lighter body. I love not having joint pain, I love being able to go for a hike, I love not having migraines as often.

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      Sep 27 at 08:39 AM

      YES absolutely! heart

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      Oct 03 at 08:00 PM

      I have to be very careful with how I loose weight because My body goes into shock.

      Everything responds including the fat itself because of its convincing lifeforms.

      There was a time years ago when our fat would fight each other. We use to spark at each other.