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I remember when…

We didn't have anything such as diet soda - your only choice was water or plain seltzer.
- no low calorie bread; we used to toast a piece of bread and slice it in half to make a sandwich
- no low fat milk - your choice was whole or skim( which tasted terrible back then)
Any of the youthful older members remember things you did to lose weight back in the day?

    • Lol I was to poor n a picky eater I always been anoxia. So sad

    • I never really tried to lose weight until much later…

      But, I remember my Mom drinking DietRite soda (way before Diet Coke or Pepsi), eating plain sirloin hamburger patties and lots of iceberg lettuce. It never really worked. She was always a big woman-6 ft 2, and anywhere from 275-400 pounds. And she routinely walked 2-3 miles a day every day, through heat, rain, cold, every type of weather you can imagine.

      One thing she wouldn't try was "fat-free" anything. To her, fat free meant taste free…things have come a long way since then.

    • Weight came off a LOT easier and faster for me back in those days! When I wanted to lose I would make a big pot of cabbage soup and eat it twice a day. And concentrated on aerobics. It worked!