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Super sedentary lifestyle... Covid "20" turned into almost 200. I need help.

My weight gain has spiraled out of control. My doctor say surgery is a better option even, at this point. I had lost 60 pounds at the beginning of last year (2020). Bringing me down to right under 400. Which, still showed me how long of a way I had to go. Have been heavy all my life, but always had muscle, was a "bigger guy" build like "a linebacker" people would say. But I took a job that allowed me to stay at home, coupled with a bad breakup, isolation, and countless takeout orders delivered for fear of not wanting to leave the house, I turned around this summer and to my shock, had gained not only all of it back, but an additional 100lbs on top of it. I am mortified. How it could even spiral this far out of control. I've lost near all muscle mass. I sit, lay, and sleep every day, day in and day out. I quite simply think there's something much deeper wrong with me, if I could let it get this out of hand. My bloodsugar is normal, my blood work came back "normal" but I have the beginnings of hypertension, with a higher resting heart rate then ever before. I truly want better for myself, but at this point... I literally don't know where to start. Just calculating the sheer amount of water I would need to properly hydrate seems like an impossibility. Getting active isn't impossible, but I feel winded past 2min of activity. I know moving forward, this will truly be the fight of and for, my life. But I think I will definitely need some help. I downloaded this app in hopes I could see what the hell I'm doing wrong by way of eating, and just how many calories I'm consuming (and not burning up)... A year and a half catches up with you... But I never thought I would, in my entire 28 years of life, be this heavy. Please help, guide, or kick my ass verbally. I need a wake up call, I need support, and I need to push past all of this so I can live proper.
Thank you.

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      Sep 20 at 12:32 PM


      We are rooting for ya!

    • We're all here to support and encourage one another. You can do this!

    • Welcome!

      It may be best to start with information gathering; track what you would normally eat for a few days to see what that looks like in calories and macros.

      Then, think about how you can make better food choices and plan some new meals. This may take a few days and you may need to rethink how you shop for groceries.

      It may help to make a list of all the healthy foods you enjoy and see how you can make meals out of these. I'm attaching a pic that may help you portion your meals. You should strive for half of every meal to be non starchy vegetables, one quartet lean protein and one quarter whole grains with a small portion of healthy fat like olive oil or avocado.

      And, if you are able to walk, do so. Even if it's only for five minutes at a time.

      You CAN do this. BUT, you can't rely on motivation. It will fail you over time. The key to long term weight loss and keeping the weight off is CONSISTENCY and DEDICATION.

      We're here to help, but you have to do the work.

    • Welcome Joel. You can do this! One small change leads to another and so on. I agree with what's been suggested so far. Walking for 2mins matters if that is your starting point. Do it daily and try to increase your time after a few days. Definitely try to find healthier versions of the foods you like and eat more veggies, fruits, lean meats, whole grains, nuts/seeds and healthy fats.
      It doesn't matter how long the road ahead is. We all start somewhere. What matters is starting to take charge of your health versus not and suffering the consequences. Best wishes on your journey! Were here to offer support along the way!

    • Thank you so, so much. This is truly awesome information. Its one day in and I'm already shocked at my eating habits=the calories and carbs, etc consumed. This information is wildly helpful, thank you all for responding. I am optimistic that, in time, I can realign my eating and lifestyle for health, but a heavy focal point on weight loss first. Thank you all again for your wonderful responses. It is truly encouraging. Tysm smile

    • Try walking sticks, like ski poles. They increase balance and by using your arms you can take some strain off your legs.

      Chose a lighter weight product. Mine are carbon from REI. To use them make sure the height and wrist straps are properly adjusted.

      Get your vaccine and wear a mask when indoors with other people. When outdoors stay 6 feet away from other people. Go outside every day to enjoy the sun and the climate. Say hello to everyone and smile.

    • Oh, and absolutely track your food. Measuring spoons, measuring cups and a ten dollar digital scale is all you need.

    • thank you very much.

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      Oct 01 at 01:18 PM

      Hello Joel, have you asked your doctor about the sleeping you said you felt sick and you kept sleeping day in and day out perhaps there's a medical reason for you needing to sleep more. Also depression can cause your sleeping patterns to change as well as your eating patterns. Recently I was reading an article that theory that hormones playing a role in weight gain perhaps your doctor could check the Thyroid. If you haven't tried those research methods already. it is very important for you to change your diet but be careful about changing it too quickly because it can cause you to feel ill and that may make you feel discouraged. Particularly adding too much fiber at once and not adding enough water and doing so can cause a lot of abdominal discomfort. In addition changing what you eat can change your sugar levels which can make you feel weak or shaky so it's important to keep a balance of nutritious foods as well as dense carbohydrates if you are eating those such as whole wheats an ancient grains.

    • Thank you so much. Yes... Fortunately, recent blood work came back fine. Check for liver and thyroid issues. All square there. But yes - this I'm starting to understand, is a slow going journey. In the last two weeks, I've tracked absolutely everything I've eaten, and the water consumption daily. It's astonishing to see it all written out, and for sure eye opening. How many calories a day alone I was consuming. Month one here for me is staying at or just below the recommended caloric daily intake. Next month I will be reducing that by a bit, and changing what I eat - introducing many more healthier options. I believe my (quick) downfall in years past was me doing a 180 with diet. Completely changing everything, out the gate running. Thank you for the ancient grain/fiber info. I believe fiber is Def a great option to increase both for health and weight loss. As for sleep - I have sleep apnea, so the quality of sleep I get a night isn't great at all. Now that I'm heavier, the sleep apnea is more severe. I keep sleeping more, trying to get some kind of quality... But mainly chasing hopelessly.

    • I am on your side! You have a lot to deal with right now. Getting the basic health screening is great!
      You can make the changes to improve your health and lifestyle.

      If you lost some weight before you can do it again.

      My favorite quote this week is:

      'Screw your courage to the sticking point'

      It takes courage to face your personal issues amidst the global pandemic!

    • How are things going so far?