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Thursday Goals!

Good morning!

Happy Thursday!

I am posting this a little late because I had a miserable night of sleep. I forgot to take my night meds, and when I finally remembered around 3 AM, it was too late. I couldn't get comfortable, and I couldn't sleep for more than an hour or so at a time…

But, I am still grateful that I woke up this morning in a warm house on a cold and rainy day. And I will not let my lack of sleep cloud my attitude or actions. I still have this day to make my own, and I can still make good choices for my body and spirit.

We don't always get to actively choose the circumstances we are in, but we do get to choose how we respond to them and act.

I am choosing to be focused and present and kind. I am choosing to seek peace and joy and love in all that I see and do. I am choosing to see challenges as opportunities.

It is my hope for you that you choose the things in your life that make you happy and healthy and feed your spirit with peace and love. These are worthy goals…

    • Sorry for your lack of sleep kj,but you certainly know how to deal with it the right way! I too had a horrible backache and flip-flopped quite a bit of the night . Thankful to start my day with a group Bible study. Thinking about grabbing a mani/pedi this afternoon,followed up by meeting two friends for dinner tonight. Looks to be a great day ahead! Hoping the same for all of you!!

    • Heading to breakfast before our final driving day. We have had a fabulous trip but will be glad to get home too! My intention is to be as patient as I can be.

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      Sep 23 at 05:40 AM

      Good morning!

      So glad it's finally cooling off and I'm reminded of what it's like to be under 80 degrees and humid. Good riddance summer!

      Great day ahead!

    • Xxxyy-I hope your back feels better now. Enjoy your mani/pedi and dinner tonight!

      Milesann-safe travels on this last day in the road. Patience is a great goal…

      Taco-sounds good. Love the meme! We had to turn the heat on yesterday. We're not those "we wait until after Halloween to turn the heat on people"…

      I like to be comfortable. If that means air conditioning in March and heat in September, so be it. Sometimes it's both air conditioning AND heat in the same week…

    • Sorry for your bad sleep!
      I slept OK, but not great. I, too, woke up st 3 am and started worrying about finances and bills. Yay for adulting! :/

      Today I will pack a healthy lunch. I'm still unable to eat much, but I'm slowly getting better. I lost 6 lbs during being sick, but have already gained back 3. I'm hoping the other 3 stay away lol.

      Tonight I plan to attempt a short walk to regain more strength. It's crazy how one bug can bring you down so much!

    • Good Morning. Today I have an FFA camp. I was up late getting today's school work done. Didn't get the best of sleep- looked like a zombie this morning lol so covered up with a little makeup. I just hop that today will put some of my jitters at ease. Have a good day all.

    • Hello,
      I'm ok. I'm emotionally exhausted. I've been traveling/in a state of limbo for a month and a half now. I'm ready to settle, but it's still going to be a while until that can happen.

    • You might need your heat on, but remember a COOL bedroom promotes good sleep!

    • Niffer-I hope you enjoyed your healthy lunch and that you got the chance to walk.

      Hailey-I hope your day turned out as you wished…and, a little makeup never hurt anyone-lol.

      MMM2-I hope that you get the rest you need to help reduce your emotional exhaustion…this too will pass. Maybe like a kidney stone, but it WILL pass…

      Xxxyy-yes, our bedroom stays cool. We have an old house (100+ years!) and the duct work is inefficient, meaning the desired air never *quite* makes it upstairs to the bedroom.

      I've felt just slightly "off" all day and I know it's because I slept so poorly last night. Meds have been taken and I'm calling it a night…

    • I can't wait to read in the morning that you had a great night sleep kj!!