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I want to exercise but not able to do it consistently

I have try a lot of home workout but I just am able to do it for 2 or 3 days and then lose my motivation. Do you have any tips for my workout to consistent & tips to make Workout fun.????

    • Welcome!

      You don't need motivation; it will fail you every time.

      What you need is to establish a workout habit/routine. Pick something you like, schedule it (put it on your calendar or in your phone), and then DO it. No excuses.

      It takes at least three weeks of DAILY practice for a habit to become routine. Stick with it. You can do it!

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      Sep 23 at 08:52 AM

      Hi! Enjoying your workout is SO important (not to say you'll always enjoy them - sometimes it does feel like a chore an dyou gotta push yourself to do it anyway lol)

      For me, it's important to have a variety of options - The workout itself is NOT an option, but what I do for my workout IS wink So I know I can go on a bike ride, do a wlak/ run, do a video workout (like the Stronger series by LS on Youtube), go swimming, or get on the elliptical. Having options make me feel less "pressured" to do a particular thing when I may not feel like an hour bike ride, but I can muster 30 mins on the elliptical, for example.

      Remember your WHY's - why is it you're trying to get healthy? Do you have health issues that would be helped by losing weight/ exercising? Keeping these in mind and telling yourself that taking care of yourself isn't an option is a mindset that makes a huge difference.

      Also, tracking yoru food really helps with your focus and motivation because you're holding yourself accountable for what you're eating, AND you see how many calories things are (which also helps you remember how long it takes to burn 300 calories, for example haha).

      You CAN do this. One day at a time. Focus on progress, not perfection. smile heart

    • Thank you so much

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      Sep 24 at 02:49 PM

      When things are getting pretty boring I also like to take some of my hobbies and throw them into my workouts. Example, if I want to go to the mall with my wife or just go to have some fun I'll include that to my workout. I may not buy anything but I'm always looking and if the stores are decent size I'll walk the whole store. Also I always try to park as far from the entrance as possible too. Other things I like to add in are my outdoor hobbies like hiking/backpacking, hunting and fishing. Especially when it's getting very close to season I like to scout out my hunting areas I want to use for the season and I'll hike the areas for a few hours. Also depending on what you do for a living you might be able to sneak in some exercise too at work without you knowing.

    • Or maybe you can schedule a break every two or three days! Have a exercise day routine, and an off day routine.

      I have a dog, so I always walk 3x a day. On some days I also lift weights or ride a bike or swim. Other days one of the dog walks is an hour long fast paced walk.
      I try to end each day with yoga for 1/2 hr.

      Yesterday was so pretty, we chucked routine out and went to the coast for the day

    • You know what's worse than only doing 2-3 days of exercise a week? Not doing any! Do the best you can, and try and do a little better every day. Personally, I try and treat it like a reward and not a chore: I try and find something I like, and focus on how good and alert I will feel when I am done as well on the feeling of accomplishment I will have.