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Saturday Goals!

Good morning!

Happy Saturday!

Today's inspiration is ENCOURAGEMENT…life is challenging for everyone right now and it may feel at times that it just isn't worth the effort to make healthy choices. Or, we may feel just SO TIRED of everything that we don't really even care right now…

But, these feelings will pass AND if you do put forth the effort to make healthy choices, not only will your physical health improve, but your mental health will improve as well.

So, if you see someone struggling to make those healthy choices, be supportive and encouraging. Even if it's the person in the mirror…especially if it's the person in the mirror.

You were made to do more than just survive and a strong, healthy body can help you thrive.

I hope you can give yourself the same kind of love and encouragement you would give a dear friend.

Go forth and be amazing.
I know you can!