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Sunday Goals!

Good morning!

Happy Sunday!

Everyone is invited to share their goals for the day here. Please share something you are grateful for as well.

My goals are to be focused and present and kind. I will meditate. I will listen to understand and be supportive. I will make good choices for my body and spirit. I will choose peace and happiness and love…

My day went from a pretty blank slate to "plum full up" pretty quickly…my precious nephew came over with my MIL (his "banu"-his term for grandma) and we're taking him to the beach today if it's warm enough. Backup plan is a fun kid's park…then lunch and a quick trip to a city halfway between here and Chicago so his Dad can pick him up and take him back home.

Then, a friend's band is playing music at a river fest in another nearby community this evening.

A busy but fun Sunday…gotta live while you can.

I'm grateful I can actually do and enjoy these activities and make beautiful memories with people I love. Even three years ago, you couldn't drag me to a beach, unless it was on Maui…