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Monday Goals!

Good morning!

Happy Monday!

Everyone is encouraged to share their goals for the day here. Please share something you are grateful for as well.

My goals are to be focused and present and kind. I will meditate and listen to the messages my body and spirit send me throughout the day. I will listen to understand and be helpful where I can. I will be effective yet unhurried. I will make good choices that support my health and happiness.

I am grateful for my family. I am surrounded by love and support. I am truly blessed.

    • Enjoying some fish chowder with fresh snipped parsley from my porch "garden" for breakfast smile. I am grateful for my daughter's energy & love to come up & work remotely while she helps me and her brother move. We had a sweet relaxed afternoon in the yard all enjoying a nice day. Today I will visit a friend who had surgery a week ago & take my husband to a VA dr appt.

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      Sep 27 at 04:56 AM

      Good morning!

      We are off to a great start and the gym is knocked out. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work today and make a difference.

      I ❤️ Mondays!

    • Happy Monday! Need to get back to mindful eating/drinking, exercise, and get these excess pounds back off!! No better time than NOW! Today is mowing, cleaning for neighbor, and meeting friend for dinner tonight. Looks to be summer heat this afternoon. Anxious for fall temps to come back later this week. Fall is my favorite WITHOUT the little black bugs! Enjoy your Monday everyone!

    • Hello, I'm doing pretty good today. Traveling this afternoon, but just for one night.

    • Milesann-what a wonderful visit you must be having with your daughter…make lots of memories!

      Taco-that's a great attitude! I'm sure you had a spectacular day…

      Xxxyy-you are correct that there's no better time than the present…I hope you enjoyed dinner with your friend; it's so nice to reconnect.

      MMM2-happy traveling day-just one-and then hopefully you're settled for a bit.

      I had a thoroughly boring and pleasant day; it was wonderful…