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Sep 27 at 08:41 AM

GROUP Weigh In & Goals

We've started a beautiful, brand new week! How will you USE it to get closer to your goals?

It's time for our weekly group weigh in!
(REMEMBER: Your "weigh-in" can be how you've measured your success in ANY way - NOT just the scale wink )
Have you lost, maintained, or gained? Pounds/ inches? Total or since your last weigh-in? What are your goals AND are you on track to reach them? How are you FEELING compared to last week? Need some help/ feedback? Let's hear it!

    • Maintained weight this week.
      Goal for the next two weeks is strength focused rather than eating. Am going off for a week's hiking holiday in Oct and want to train for that. (Not trekking for a week, but day hikes every day at 3K m+).
      So the plan is :
      2 consecutive days a week- longer hikes (10-12 km or so)
      2 times a week- Weight-bearing exercises
      Hamstring stretches and Adriene Mishler's yoga for climbers (for balance)- 4+ times a week
      The regular dog walk continues..

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      Sep 28 at 12:13 PM

      YAY! Maintenance is hard on it's own, so, great!
      LOVE your goal of focusing on your strength more than food. I think focusing on how our body FEELS and what we can do with it (more and more) as we improve our health is SUPER important! Get it girl!

    • Ok. Maintained my weight again.
      Maintained my cardio and yoga routines.
      Slept ok.

      For the remainder of the year I have adjusted my goals:
      Maintain my weight
      Add weight session 2x a week
      No alcohol in house for next 9 months (in support of spouse)
      Support spouse during cancer treatment
      Support adult children (living in house due to COVID destroying the music industry)
      Try to forgive those refusing to do ANYTHING to stop the pandemic, thereby putting my spouse at greater risk.

      By far, this last item will be the hardest.