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please help me

Hey guys I'm 13 and trying to lose weight I'm not overweight I'm just average and feel like I'm too fat for my age especially because my 18 year old sister has the same body as me.I keep trying to restrict some calories but I just end up eating everything in my kitchen.I tried to get a healthy way to lose weight but it doesn't work.Any tips on how to lose weight fast ?

    • btw when I do over eat I usually get to 2500-3000 calories a day which I been overeating this past week

    • so I probably gained a lot

    • Hey..I am glad you recognise you are not overweight. Right now, you are in your very early teens and have a lot of growing to do..your body is changing and becoming taller, stronger, faster and just more awesome!
      Please do not count calories or try to lose weight at this time. You are just fine. Focus instead on getting plenty of nutrients- milk, vegetables, protein, fruit. Fill up on those, and you won't be hungry for processed junk. And make time for some fun activity every day- don't think 'exercise', think 'fun'. What do you like to do? Walk? jog? play sports with friends? nature rambles? do it all!
      Enjoy your teens..They are all too fleeting and it is a shame to waste them in worrying about how your body looks compared to someone else.

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      Sep 29 at 10:20 AM


      Growing teens should aim for 1800 or more calories daily. Here is a great resource to share and discuss with your parents.

    • i'm the same age! i'm also struggling with the same thing and recently gained 10 pounds it was really discouraging since i was so close to my goal but i'm ready to start over!

    • Same I'm 13 and I feel the same!! That's why I started this

    • I'm the same age and I was overweight and I just recently managed to lose 20 lbs what I did was pretty much count the calories but try keeping it healthy but don't restrict either bcs I realized that when I restricted I'd crave more stuff so if ur craving something just get it bcs then Yuoll look for like something else to satisfy u and u just won't stop eating until ur satisfied just to keep urself from eating something unhealthy. I also tried keeping my portions smaller so I could eat more snacks through the day without overeating from my calorie count if that makes sense? I also worked out like just workouts on YouTube I mostly used an account called emi wong , Chloe ting, and the leg and arm workout by April Han on YouTube. I'm still trying to lose 20-30 more pounds because I'm a little overweight still I'm 130 an 4"10 so yea. Good luck tho smile

    • Also drink a lot a lot of water cuz it keeps u full so u won't overeat it rlly helps me cuz sometimes u can confuse being thirsty with being hungry

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      Please remember that in your early teen years that you're going through puberty especially as a young lady it is typical that you're going to increase your calories by 300 to 500 calories per day this is particularly true right before a growth spurt. If you restrict your calories too much during this time you will cause yourself not to grow it can also cause other issues like preventing you from having a period and not developing the fat in your breast tissue. Since you're not in the abnormal range I wouldn't be concerned about the additional calories. most people I known during that age eat like crazy. You won't believe me, but I have two brothers that would eat seven large pizzas, a large vat of chili, and then go out to eat at a restaurant when they were 16 and 17 respectively. They were kicked out of all the (All) of the All-You-Can-Eat restaurants within a hundred mile radius of our house. Teenage boys are crazy. Although, I didn't eat like that I increased how much I ate during my teens as well and buffets were my friend. So please don't feel discouraged there's a good chance what you're feeling is just your body's way of telling you you're about to grow.