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i need motivation to lose weight. i'm struggling with my mental health but also want to lose 25 pounds. any suggestions on how to encourage myself to eat healthy or workout?

    • Look yourself in the Mirror and realize nobody gonna do it for you…… you have to want it

    • leah_guffey has a Gold Membership
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      Sep 28 at 03:47 PM

      Do you have a friend or family member you can partner with? That you guys are either in competition or supporting each other the whole way; whichever is more motivation for you. I find that having somebody else along the journey can be very helpful also I'd stay away from people who are making you stressed and try your best to sleep more when you can. As for diet I would recommend just change how you eat so to eat more healthy than worry about a specific diet right now while you're dealing with mental health. More than likely you're stress eating and eating things that are particularly bad for you so if you can just change to say unprocessed food or stop eating out then you could probably make a significant difference with a very minimal amount of effort in the beginning until you get rolling. If nothing else you have the community here and hopefully we can help you, anywho good luck. Keep us posted.

    • Hi, Peyton!

      No one can do this for you. You're either ready to make a healthy lifestyle change or not. Look no farther than your mirror…

      If you're ready, we're more than happy to help support your efforts.

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      Sep 28 at 05:12 PM


      Check out our YouTube channel for some excellent exercise ideas...