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feeling discouraged

It's been over a year since I had my son. He is now 17 months and I'm struggling to lose the last 20 pounds. My first two kids I had in my 20s. I was 38 when he was born I'll be 40 this year and really want to be back down into my normal clothing. I'm 5'10" and 177. My goal is 155. I'm back into a really good exercise routine with hot yoga at least 2 to 3 times a week, weightlifting two times a week and in between either cycling or walking so almost 5 to 7 days of exercise. Anybody have any pointers? I have thought of going back to intermittent fasting to see if that helps.
I've never had a problem with my weight until now. It might not seem like very much to other people but to me it's a lot. I really just want to be back to my normal size.

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      Oct 12 at 01:19 AM

      Please don't be discouraged I understand how it feels I also have three children and I'm 36 and I'm working on losing my baby fat. I plan to write later in detail what I've done to lose weight in the last 3 months to see if any of my strategies will help you. but I would like to formulate my thoughts so that the coherent and make sense and then put it into text so please give me a few hours because I'll be at work I may not have time to do so for a little bit. But I wanted to get back to you now and say you're trying and that's the start and the journey of a thousand Miles starts with a single step.

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      Oct 12 at 02:02 PM

      The first two things that I did were the easiest which was to cut out all fast food, then I reduced any amount of pre-made foods that I bought and less for whatever reason it was a chopped salad or something that was already on sale. I replaced those meals with homemade meals. I also reduced the amount of meat I was eating and a substituted vegetables for it instead. I reduced my dairy keeping it to mainly aged cheeses and Greek yogurt. Because I was no longer breastfeeding I didn't have to eat as much so my meal portions where also reduced. I have kept my meals spaced so that could keep my energy levels up and increase the types of activities I'm performing. I find adding a protein source to snacks is the best way to feel energized without feeling grumpy. Also increased my activity level by changing the ride to work in a coworkers car to a bike ride to work and home and walking multiple times a day at home around the neighborhood. Another change is instead of eating dessert I would typically eat a greek low fat yogurt as my treat which would still include a couple of little chocolate pieces as I like the flips type. This made me feel better when I was craving a sweet.

    • Thank Leah! I am cutting sugar and my vice of red wine out this week. Also have stopped eating anything after dinner and drinking decaf hot tea if I feel the need to munch! I also went and saw my acupuncturist this week to try and get my metabolism reset and hopefully this helps too! I will check in next week with progress. I appreciate your response! I feel like I'm doing this all alone and having someone to talk with about it helps!

    • I am 34, and also trying to lose the baby weight after baby 2. Working out a lot, and hoping to lose 15kgs (35 lbs approx). All the best!

    • I have lost 5lbs in 2.5 weeks. no bread or rice for dinner. Avoid all rice and white bread as much as possible. Avoid sugar as much as possible. I have fruit to curb my sugar cravings. Having about 1400 calories a day and 4 days a week doing HIIT (working out to 500+ calories). 2 other days walking to lose 250 calories. Tough but it's helping me.

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      Oct 15 at 01:23 PM

      We will just keep trying everyday. Everyone have a good weekend and enjoy these nice falls days. I m researching healthy versions of holiday favorites and putting them on my other thread if you have any favorites or have any ideas feel free to come over and drop a comment.