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No Soy or Dairy

I have a throat condition that requires me to stop eating soy and dairy to prevent and stop inflammation. I also was on medication for a while that caused a bit of weight gain, and I'd like to get back to my usual 185-200 spot ( at 215ish rn I don't track and won't be tracking ). Does anyone have suggestions for cutting out soy and dairy? Alternatives? It seems most dairy alternatives are made of soy?

    • Hi, do you have to cut out all dairy or is it cow's dairy specifically? Personally I find cow dairy causes the most inflammation but I can handle goats dairy very well (as well as all the people that I know that cannot tolerate cow dairy). If you can give that a try then it's the closest thing I've found to cows dairy (initially I could taste a difference but now I'm used to it I can't even tell).

      If not, I've heard cashew milk is supposed to be quite smooth and creamy. Also heard rice milk and oat milk are good. Everyone has different taste though so you should experiment to see what you do and don't like.

    • Almond milk is great and coconut milk too!!!