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I am overwait and suck at running I need to slim done for my happiness and health please help

Hi I am a teen I am slightly over wait I am not "fat" but I am over wait (210lb) and I need to lose it for my happiness and health I am always down around my friend who are small and skinny I have a wide rib cage and understand I can't be as small please help it can be about anything just help my ED has been getting the beat of me lately and I just want to get better

    • Hi, Ana!

      If you have an eating disorder, please seek professional help. You need the guidance of a trained clinician to help you get healthy.

      Don't wait. You deserve to be healthy and happy.

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      Nov 11 at 04:17 AM


      Be sure to check out the couch to 5k training app. It is a great beginners program to help improve pace and endurance.

      Growing teens should aim for 1800 or more calories daily. Here is a great resource to share and discuss with your parents.

      If you are struggling with a disorder it is best to seek advice of a professional. The National Eating Disorders Association has a wonderful website with a confidential helpline, message boards and a very supportive community that you might find very helpful:

    • Don't use this app if you have an ED. Ask your parents to get you a therapist.

    • There's no shame in getting real help. If you are not seeking counsel yet, do so! This app is designed to offer support, not guidance.

    • hi! first of all i love the meme, secondly i would first start with just walking! that's what i do and it is awesome! each day set a goal for yourself like, i am going to walk for 30 minutes today, and just make sure you meet your goal everyday and as time goes by you can add on time and maybe even start running. you could next say i'm going to exercise for 30 min but, i'll run for 2 minutes and then walk for 5.

      my main advice would be is to start small! and with your ED i would check out the meal plans on the app or talk with a doctor about it if you can, if you can't, i'd do some research about it and find the amount of calories each day as a teen you should eat and start meal planning and trying to reach that amount of calories each day. i am no doctor but i hope some of this helps. just remember that you are loved and that as long as you stay focused on your journey you will get there! don't let what others say hurt you either bc you are beautiful no matter what!

    • First of all love the meme. RDJ is my fav actor. I have had problems with running too. I weigh more then I would like. I have found that track has been the best bet for me. I really sucked at first but as soon as I got into the motion of it, it was was really fun. I hope you feel better about yourself too. Don't be hard on yourself. You are perfect the way you are.