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checking in: 11 days smoke free

So proud of myself. Have to say though I love that I don't have this burden of needing a smoke all the time or worrying about how in the heck am I going to fit in smoking between everything I do etc but here's a little background and not sure if it will get better or what the issue is. I had a deviated septum and was ALWAYS congested and using afrin multiple days which was annoying but needed it to breathe. I got my septum surgery two August's ago. I then started backing off the afrin. Still using it but nearly as frequently. Then realized I was still getting congested especially at night and in the morning. So I thought it was from smoking. I haven't smoked in 11 days and I'm still congested. I wonder if it's just the dry air or if I need more time with my quit but I really thought it would improve immediately after quitting. I thought I would feel better in the mornings and not have that cigarette hangover but it hasn't changed. Any idea why? Or advice?