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eating disorder mention: help with binge eating?

i'm tired of binge eating. i've struggled with heavy restriction (eating 500 calories a day) and binging for 3 years and i'm tired of it. i wanna do this the healthy way but i cant stop binging. i know the binges are caused by the restricting i've been doing for years but i wanna stop now. even when i try to eat a healthy amount, i end up having huge binges that ruin my motivation

    • Tomorrow eat a filling breakfast even if it's around 700 call make sure it's filling (oats and avocado keep you really full) for lunch eat 300 call and for dinner eat 500 cal and ofc we all need a late night snack make that no more than 200 cal try that and tell me if it helps you bc it helped me not lose weight but get rid of binging

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      Dec 20 at 03:43 AM

      If you are struggling with a disorder it is best to seek advice of a professional. The National Eating Disorders Association has a wonderful website with a confidential helpline, message boards and a very supportive community that you might find very helpful:

    • I have dealt with B.E.D (Binge eating disorder) for the last 6 yrs and after talking with my doctor and doing a ton of personal research, I found it very helpful to do mindful eating and to write down the emotions/my feelings at the times of my binges. In my experience I had to get in control of the emotional before I could work on my weight loss/health. It is a slow, daily life change. If this is something you really want help with, talk to your doctor.

    • I tried everything and finally found success after being prescribed a drug commonly used to treat migraines. It was as if a switch had been flipped in my brain, and the obsessive need to stuff my face was gone or at least heavily muffled. In my mind, binge eating is similar to depression and is some sort of misfiring, and I don't see any issue in treating it medically with medication. I've since lost 70 pounds and counting. Over the holidays I definitely had days when I ate too much, so it's not as if you can't still indulge, but I feel like I'm in control of food and not the other way around. Also, my migraines are better and a condition I have which was made much worse by my being overweight has improved. Plus , I'm saving a ton of money not always buying junk food.

    • The only way to start the recovery of an eating disorder is with professional help from a therapist. You need the coping tools fit to your personal situation and what is the core reason behind the BED.
      Eating disorders are hard. I know personally. Stay strong and I hope you reach out to professional resources ?? NEDA is a great place to start.

    • Had an eating disorder for 10+ years. The only way to properly get help and solve the root of the problem is through therapy/mental health! I went to an eating disorder inpatient treatment center that was covered by insurance, it saved my life and helped me break the cycle! Good luck and remember to take things one day at a time