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is there a way to calculate the total nutrition and calories for a whole recipe? or is there an app for that?

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      Jan 25 at 03:16 AM

      Hey there!

      You can use the Custom Meal feature to create and log a meal equal to one serving of the recipe. To create a Custom Meal: Select Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snack, and then tap "My Meals". Select "Create a New Meal" and enter the foods you would like to group together.

    • yeah, that's what im trying to figure out. how much of those attributes are in the recipe I'm making. I don't understand how to figure the calories in a dish.

    • There are several online calculators I use one at to create a list and save it as a recipe. It lets you save ingredients and look at nutrition information for a serving or so many grams of the recipe.