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Jan 26 at 03:53 AM

Wednesday Workout

Good morning, friends!!

We have a great opportunity before us and it's up to us to decide which path we will take today. Let's choose to make the most of it and move it move it!

What activity do you have planned?

I'm hitting the stair mill this morning and going for a walk later. Have a super day everyone!

    • walking later and going to start working out but not sure what way to start that

    • Tournament practice should be more sparring as it's the 4th week of the month.

    • There are plenty of free home exercise ?????? apps, on the app stores if you're looking for something to do while at home ??.

      I've also found that going to a gym?????? with a pair of headphones ?? keeps ya in a spirited optimistic vibe to want to try out new equipment targeting specific areas of the body.

      Listening to music ?? just makes it way more enjoyable.

      Lastly if you're looking for something to try outdoors, find a local trail??, park ???, or even your neighborhood ??? or town ??, and jog??????? to places you've never explored while using the world ?? as your workout equipment.

      Hope this gives you some ?? value today.

      p.s. kill it out there, and be cool ??.

    • Good morning!

      Heading to the gym soon to hit the weight machines. Then, ending up in the whirlpool; it was closed yesterday. I almost cried…

    • thanks jamest
      yes need to do at home I walk about 1 and half hours a day too
      I will look at the app store thanks again

    • It's Wednesday I'm on it treadmill today get it everyone hump day

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      Jan 26 at 10:13 AM

      Woot woot!

      Take that Wednesday! Great work team!

    • So, I head out the door to go to the gym and as I lock my house door, I hear a tiny clink. The key fell out of the fob (the only fob!) for my Kia Soul.


      Glue didn't work. I was able to start the vehicle by jamming the key in the fob and turning. Trouble was getting the broken key OUT when I got to the gym.

      Back home again.

      Couldn't find needle nose pliers. But, I did find tweezers.

      Out to the Soul to see if that works. It does. Back to the gym.

      I was able to use all of my usual machines except someone jumped on the leg press right before I got there. I took that as a sign that my knee wasn't ready for that…

      I'm in the infrared nook right now listening to Dean Martin and heading into the whirlpool soon.

      Tomorrow I get a new key and fob; only $200. So, in two weeks I've spent $1200 on a vehicle that probably isn't even WORTH $1200…oh, well.


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      Jan 26 at 02:05 PM

      That's a bummer. Sorry KJ!

      I bet the whirlpool and infrared will feel particularly refreshing.

    • Oh KJ, how frustrating that must have been. Would some Gorilla Glue maybe work so at least you might have an extra key? There are some powerful glues out there.

      I have a free membership at the YMCA through my insurance, but with my physical condition I quit going well before the pandemic hit. Maybe when it is over, I will get my condition in good enough shape to try the Y again. But since 2,200 daily are still dying of covid in our country every day, I will still be staying home.

      I miss the pool, their indoor walking track and the recumbent bike. Maybe by next summer.