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Wednesday Goals!

Good morning!

Happy Wednesday!

Everyone is encouraged to share their goals for the day here. Please share something you are grateful for as well.

My goals are to be focused and present and kind. I will meditate. I will listen to understand and accept. I will move and think in calm and thoughtful ways. I will make good choices for my body and spirit.

I woke up today with a shadow headache. But, I woke up. So, I'm grateful for another day to discover and enjoy.

    • All good, crew. Didn't post my first message (won't add a pic to this one). We did well yesterday pacing ourselves. Have appts & errands to handle in frigid weather. Thanks for being such a great community & to you KJ for leading this thread!!

    • Good morning. Well, yesterday could have been considered one of those "bad days". My mom had to have her beloved dog put to sleep when my niece took him to discover his organs were shutting down. This will be a VERY lonely, difficult time for her, but I know she will pull through, she's had a very hard year losing her only son as well. Not being able to be there for her will give her the time to grieve and process before I can. So very grateful for her small town of "family", that all my symptoms are gone today, and for phones to keep in touch. Blessings today for all

    • 2tacos has a Gold Membership
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      Jan 26 at 05:13 AM

      Good morning!

      Got pressed for time today bud made it on time. Gym is done and veggie soup is packed. Have an awesome day everyone!

    • good afternoon all
      today work
      I'm greatfull for good health and this great community
      check on my little lady

      xxxyy sorry to hear all what your mum going through and you with not being able to be there praying for you and her

      thank you kj for settings us up each day
      have a blessed day everyone

    • Thank you flop, you are such a blessing

    • Morning,
      xxxyy- So sorry to hear about your mom's troubles. I am glad you're feeling better.

      kj- Thank you for today's message. heart

      Yesterday was a pretty good day. I have a phone call tonight to catch up with someone from college.

    • Thank you MMM. You sure seem to be feeling somewhat better. Proud of where you're going, and thankful for kj's thread here.

    • xxxyy- Yes, I'm doing pretty well this week. Ups and downs, depending on lots of things (sleep quality, where I am in the monthly cycle, how deep we go in therapy, etc.). But overall, I know I'm going in a good direction.

    • Normal day planned here, will be working core and glutes tonight. Gotta strengthen those supporting muscles.

      Had some meeting cancellations today so it should be a productive one with time to sneak in some early dinner prep so we aren't running around like crazy before church.

    • Milesann-you're welcome. I'm happy someone reads it-lol. Glad you had a good day. Pacing is so important.

      Xxxyy-you're welcome. I'm glad I can be here and offer something of value. I'm sorry it was a bad day; losing a pet is traumatic. My thoughts and prayers for your Mom to find some peace.

      Taco-sounds like a busy day. Glad you have the proper fuel…

      Flop-you're welcome. I'm happy to do this. I hope you enjoyed your work and your walk and that your little lady is doing well.

      MMM2-glad you liked today's message. Enjoy your catch up call and keep heading in the right direction. Always look forward…

      Tabisaurus-glad you had a productive day. Those days usually guarantee a good night's sleep.

      My day started out as a comedy of errors (I shared some on the fitness thread), but it all worked out. I'm just a bit concerned that my husband is still feeling so rotten. I have a friend with the same crud who's been sick a solid week. Both have tested negative for COVID, so it's some other nasty bug. I'm steering clear of them both…

    • 2tacos has a Gold Membership
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      Jan 26 at 05:42 PM

      Sorry to hear that. I hope he feels better soon, KJ!

    • I had great food
      Tonight we are having Jack in the box since we haven't had unhealthy food for 2 months
      And school was great
      I can't believe how good I am on tests and quizes and at least a 72-85 for test scores smile

    • hope your husband and friend feel better really soon kj

    • Thanks, Taco and Flop!

      Enjoy your treat, Chloe! Be proud of your school accomplishments; they do matter. They show that you care, are thoughtful and can persevere. Good qualities to possess…