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Jan 26 at 07:58 AM

Calorie-Counting Mistakes

Learning how to CORRECTLY track your food/ calories is a steep learning curve AND requires you to be 100% honest with yourself about what (and HOW MUCH) you're putting into your body and how it's impacting your health/ weight loss goals.

Measuring is a HUGE part - if you're not measuring what you're eating and figuring out the actual serving size you had, it's kind of a waste of time BECAUSE you're not getting an accurate picture of your nutrition and therefore can't know what adjustments to make to actually see results.

I wanted to share this article with 7 Calorie-Counting mistakes that can hinder your weight loss so you can make sure you're on the right "track" wink

    • Thanks for sharing this!

      Getting a digital food scale was a game changer for me. Best $12.00 I spent…

    • Good points and so true. I have a digital scale coz I sell on eBay. It helps.

      I also have an unbelievable number of sets of measuring cups and spoons. LOL. It is imperative if you don't want to keep washing them every time immediately after each use.

      To explain to others about serving sizes, I usually tell them to pour yourself a bowl of cereal, the amount you typically pour into your bowl. Before adding milk, put that cereal into a measuring cup to see how much you have. Then look at the serving size listed on the box and compare it to your amount.

      People are often shocked to see that they have actually poured maybe 2 to 3 servings and all the extra calories that go with that. Can be a real eye opener!

      Measuring is important.

    • Hi I'm new to this group so I just wanted to say hello and I'm looking forward to being part of this with you. I do find that measuring helps with accountability even if it's a teaspoon it does make a difference. Like this morning when I was making my breakfast I did not want to put my egg on my toast dry so I measured out one teaspoon not a tablespoon of butter and it did help it gave it some flavor and the bread wasn't dry. Added my egg, 1 morning star sausage patty and I was happy because I had a little breakfast sandwich but measuring and knowing exactly what you're putting in your body makes the difference.

    • Hi. I think measuring can help make it easier because I don't have to think about what a serving is all the time. I use a scale on the weekend and measure a bunch of portions at once so I know that I have the amount I want any time I go to grab food. It really works great for snacks because I have chosen ahead to only eat 1 serving and Put it in its own package. I know when I grab a thing of nuts it is 1 oz or a portion cup of dried fruit it is 40 g. It also works well for portions of recipes where I don't want to add to much or I will be hurried during the week. I know I have all the spices mixed and I control the amount of salt when I do it ahead of time so I don't go over my allowance of sodium in a day.

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      Feb 11 at 09:35 AM

      YES absolutely, y'all!! It's all about measuring CORRECTLY for sure.

      WELCOME to the group and your new healthy lifestyle, VT!