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i just wanna be skinny

I'm a female, 18, 192.2 I just want to be skinny and lose weight. I hate seeing myself like this I tried so many It works for a few then covid struck and well yeah it all went down hill. I wanna wear bathing suit and not worry abt my body fat showing. I just don't wanna be fat or "chubby" as my friend keeps saying

    • I'm feeling the same way- that's really difficult - shame won't help so maybe ask your friends to stop making comments-

    • so try to get back on to it, first try adding vegetables and fruits to your diet, then slowly try cutting out junk and snacking.
      good luckheart

    • COVID did a number on our brains.

      If you gained weight during this time, you should reflect on your feelings and what specific things you make you eat more.
      Those things/feelings are something you can build resilience to, so once you get the pandemic weight off, you can keep it off!

      For today, you should reflect on your sedentary habits and how to change them. In the northern hemisphere, it is springtime. Longer daylight can help you feel more energy - tap into that.
      You can exercise inside a home as well as anywhere else - the internet has many options.
      Try to do something everyday, slowly increase to a hour.
      Even if you don't lose poundage, you will look and feel better.

      Have the same approach to your diet.

      You are in a great place of life - enjoy as much as you can

    • Jane, you have to have the mindset to lose. Surround yourself with people who support your journey to be healthier. Make a goal to be healthy and in shape to fight preventable diseases, not be skinny. Wishing you the best of luck!

    • JazmineRMS is right those don't sound like very good friends if they tell you those things about your body they should be supportive. You should definitely surround your self with people that motivate you. It really helps!

    • yea, words hurt. maybe she doesnt mean to hurt as much as motivate. I often think of all the people who said that to me when I dont feel like going to workout or eat a salad, and do the workout , eat the salad. why, because it feels great when you can stick your sucess in there face. get angry and do the work. sorro and pity is over rated. trust me you will thank themater.

    • Losing weight is not easy, it doesn't happen over night and usually takes longer then you anticipated. If you make working out into a habit you will do amazing! The hard part is getting to a gym but the secound you get into the door it's easy to workout. So get an accountability partner and force each other to go to the gym every other day. A years time you will be very happy.

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      Jun 09 at 08:21 AM

      Society just needs to except that curvy .fluffy,plushy beautiful people are out there . Oh your so pretty in your face and then theres below the neck Ive heard it myself. You can and will do this . Not to put a damper on this so please forgive me if I affend anyone . I lost my son to Covid he was only 31 he weighed almost 300 . Before the vaccines came . Covid has devastated everybody mentally. I ate so much grieving I gained 20 but recently in 6 months lost 34 and under 200 so it can and will be done !

    • Kyfox, I am so sorry about the loss of your son. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. You sound like a pretty brave person.

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      Jun 23 at 08:03 AM

      I cant wait to see 192 . I never be skinny but I hope my curves look better . I follow this app I walk at least 5000 steps a day and lots of water .Good luck on your journey!

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      Jul 02 at 03:29 PM

      I gained 30lbs during the pandemic. I am currently working on losing them. I am 27 and was 162 8 days ago. I lost 6 lbs in 8 days by eating no more than 1200 calories a day. I didn't exercise anymore than normal and i want to be 130 lbs again already. I feel like a fat ugly piece of crap. I remember that # on the scale and how crappy i felt everytime i want to eat junk and excessively. It is going to take time to lose that weight and ive accepted it. Youll get there love. I want to be skinny too. And to fit in my old clothes.

    • I understand. I'm 20 and feel the same way. I'm trying to work on body neutrality as opposed to body positivity- I've found that's too hard for me right now. I would suggest looking into it. It's tough though. You're definitely not alone in these feelings