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May 23 at 10:20 AM

Motivation & Monday Check In

LOVE this way of thinking... it's NOT about the scale. It's about how we move our bodies, how we feel in our own skin, what we put into our bodies, our mental/ emotional health.... Work on those things, and the weight will follow. smile

How was your last week and weekend? What are you working on for this week?

It's time for our weekly "group check in" for those that want to participate smile
What goals have you set for yourself for this year/ week/ month? Did you weigh in this week? Take measurements? Did you hit a new amount you can lift? Run farther than before? Have you lost, maintained, or gained? Pounds/ inches/ sizes? Total or since your last weigh in? Are you on track to reach your goals? What's your PLAN? Let's hear it!

    • I agree Ash, but damn, it's a hard habit to break. It's so ingrained in many of us to fixate on those numbers, but I've always believed that it's more important to focus on feeling strong. And capable. And willing. Both physically and mentally.

      Perhaps when we don't like what we see, we should do this:

    • Hi Ashley.

      I have daily goals that I refer to as my DAILY HEALTH TARGETS. They include:
      1. Getting adequate protein & veggies (70-100 protein)
      2. Adequate water (70-100 oz)
      3. Taking all my meds & vitamins
      4. 30 minutes of exercise
      5. Monitoring my blood sugar levels
      6. Weigh myself at least daily

      Mondays are my official weigh-in day where I announce it. I lost 2 more pounds this week which makes 45 pounds lost. I now weigh 230 pounds.

      My goal is to lose 100 pounds first, then likely continue to lose a little more.

    • Haha Rosie. And I know people that take their scale on camping trips.

      The almighty scale is stronger than the sword! It has to be with all of us 200 and 300 lb people getting on it .

    • Are you serious dianne? A Scale on camping trips? That is too, too much!
      And lol re your scale joke you crazy kid!

    • Some friends weigh themselves like 3x a day.
      With this app and these postings, I have broke the every day habit!

      I try to weigh 1x a week, I like this reminder and the posts on it to help me see I am not alone in my mental struggles with my poundage.

      I think some of us are wired to obsess over goals, so much that long term changes are very hard to make.
      I feel better thinking about things other than my weight or my clothes.

      Have a peaceful day out there, peoples

    • I do weigh myself often out of morbid curiosity, but - in 3 months I've gone down a little more than 2 pants sizes and I am starting to see a little muscle definition on my back, shoulders, and sides. (Thanks to shadow boxing) Felt great to buy new pants smile

      I'll have to quit cold turkey though in June because I'll be in India for a month for my job and that hotel doesn't have scales in the rooms. Thankfully I can workout anywhere and bring some healthy foods to supplement the fat/ bread/carb heavy options there. The foods I miss most are fresh fruits and veggies, pho, and sushi.

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      May 24 at 10:33 AM

      OH I get it, Rosie, trust me LOL I struggle with it too.. I have to remind myself of this all the time. heart But HAH - hilarious! LOL

      Dianne look at you go, girl! Wow... now THAT is a plan! and 2 more lbs this week?! WHOOP! Go girl!

      Hak - same... I struggle with wanting to get on the scale every day (especially now that we have a "smart" scale that reports body fat, hydration levels, muscle %, etc - it's addictive LOL)... BUT it's definitely better to only do it once or twice a week for sanity and so those daily fluctuations don't drive you batty lol and TOTALLY agree on why it's so hard to set ad stick to long term goals - wow, great insight!

      Sarah that is AWESOME progress! and I LOVE that shadow boxing has helped - I recommend it to people all the time - especially when they have an injury or disability! Your trip sounds like a FABULOUS opportunity to practice those daily goals of healthy eating and working out and making it your lifestyle that you just live, day in and day out. If you've been tracking, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to keep doing that, at least every couple days, just to make sure you're staying on track (this helped me when I was transitioning to maintenance) smile I'm sure you'll do fabulously heart

    • Sarah - sooooo excited for you and your business trip to India! I adore Indian food. Will you be able to post while you're there? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say we'd love to see photos of the spice markets, etc., etc., and hear all about your culinary adventures!

      I'm sure there will be lots of vegetarian options for you - curries and such - but I don't know about fresh fruit and veg - is that an issue there? It'll be different, that's for sure. Colour me jealous!

    • Sarah, congrats on your success!!!! When do you leave for India?

      hak, I am one of those obsessive dieters. I am on my scale several times a day... with clothes, slippers or shoes, but I am on it and standing tall. It is part of my focus and motivation.

    • I'm working to make it a lifestyle I can stick to. I've gone hard before but ran out of steam after 3 or 4 months. A few years ago I was 215 (a real wake up call), but since thins I've hovered in the low 180s. In Feb I decided the time has come to get to the mid 140s and stay there as I am about to turn 45. I've lost around 18, with about that much to go still.

      India is interesting, unfortunately my visit is limited to staying in Bangalore/Bangaluru; it is noisy, polluted, very crowded, and the contrast between the well-off and destitute is painfully stark.

      For fresh fruit and veggies, if there is not a thick skin to peel off then it's best not to risk eating it. Melons are a no go because vendors often inject them with local water to increase the weight.

      The food can be pretty awesome, it's just that it's often rather heavy with ghee, oil, or fried. I do eat meat sometimes. Funny enough the only time I got sick in 5 years was at a place called California Burrito.

      For relatively safe food I'll hit up Starbucks and KFC, both are proud of their food handling standards. But really, it's all a gamble.

    • Sarah, SO interesting. Injecting melons - wow. Such a shame about the fruit.

      Yes, I can imagine the pollution, the sheer number of people and the associated noise would be atrocious. It's gonna be a challenge, that's for sure.

      But your weight loss journey really seems to be on track - congrats! I guess all you can do while there is do the best you can. I sure hope you'll let us know how it goes!

    • Definitely a bummer, melon is my typical dessert :/
      But I am thankful that my weight loss/getting in shape progress is going well so far smile

      Oh and yes, I'll be sure to post some pics too. I leave in a couple weeks.

    • Looking forward to your honest India reporting & pics, Sarah.

    • I too weigh every morning, soon as I get up, just after bathroom, and no clothes. I am motivated and can keep on tack much easier that way, because it really catches up quickly, once a week did NOT work for me! I'm camping now a few days and taking a "break" from weighing. Will be a huge success to have maintained. We'll see come Tuesday!