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Meal Portioning?

I regularly cook a large pot of taco soup, making about eight bowls/servings. It's easiest to create a meal totaling all of the ingredients, about 4,000 calories, but there's no option to add less than .25 of a meal for lunch or dinner. A percentage might be a better option.

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      May 27 at 04:07 PM

      Hello Watkins

      I'll pass that feedback along. Thanks!

    • denamazzotta has a Gold Membership
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      May 29 at 01:48 PM

      If your whole pot is 4000 calories and it makes 8 bowls, it would be 500 calories per bowl.

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      Jun 06 at 12:57 PM

      Watkins I've had that same problem. Here's something that might work: Add just 1/4 serving of your whole Taco Soup Meal and look at the Nutrition breakdown in the app. Write the numbers down. Then divide those numbers in half -- do the math once and calculate what 1/8 of your soup meal will be for each nutritional metric you like to track. (You've probably done this already.) Then create a "My Food" entry for "Taco Soup, 1 Bowl" and hand enter the metrics just once. It'll take a minute to do but if you tend to make this soup a lot (I'm a creature of habit in what I buy and cook) then you'll have that 1 Bowl entry now for each time. Just a thought.

    • Hey, thanks for the suggestions. While I know that 4000/8 is 500, this just seems counter to the reasoning for the meal change. As I mentioned previously, it seems like a percentage, 1 to 100, would be the most flexible solution. I'd just like the app updated to include this.