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Jun 02 at 09:24 PM


Hi All-

I'm not new to this app but I am new to this community. I'm not really good at asking for help or advice but I've had just about enough of this lifestyle and I'm willing to try out different options that might help. I'm open to any suggestions that anybody might have because I have tried a million diets and I can't seem to get myself going. I've tried going to the gym but I have little to no motivation. I do struggle with depression so that presents a challenge at times and I recently quit smoking, which has led to more pounds being packed on. I feel stuck. Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, ideas...? I'm open! smile

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      Jun 03 at 09:59 AM

      Hi! I'm actually a picky eater so I eat kind of plain. I do eat meat so that's not an issue. I just never really know how to to prepare a healthy meal and then I get lazy and grab fast food. As far as exercise, I don't mind so much going to the gym, it's just that I get a little embarrassed so I tend to avoid. I am willing to try any suggestions though!

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      Jun 04 at 01:03 PM

      I go to 9Round and I am about 80lbs overweight. I really enjoy their workouts.

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      Jun 04 at 04:55 PM

      I will check that out. Thank you!

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      Jun 06 at 12:08 PM

      My biggest tip and motivator would be to get a good watch if you can afford it. A FitBit or an Apple Watch. (And doesn't have to be very latest AppleWatch.) The fun thing about an Apple Watch is that it links to this app really well. The Watch is fun in terms of tracking every step you take and also recording exercise -- virtually anything you like to do. Wanna dance around the living room to your fav music? Set the workout to "Dance" and see the Watch record your calorie burn and then send that number to the MyPlate app automatically. You can then either eat those calories or watch the leftover calories pile up each day! It becomes like a game then -- recording the calorie burns and then seeing, scientifically, how your efforts stack up in cold hard numbers. Beat the numbers and you've kicked butt for yet another day! It becomes a game, to me, that I LOVE working every day.

      If you've got an iPhone, get an Apple Watch and it will change you -- they're geared towards health. If you've got an Android type phone, get a FitBit and dial it in! My watch changed EVERYTHING and I love it.

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      Jun 07 at 12:15 AM

      A dietician recommended reversing the order of meals, based on a study done in Australia. It was a little weird having lasagna for breakfast but it did help. The idea is too eat your largest, most difficult to digest foods earlier in the day.

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      Jun 07 at 06:51 PM

      I just want you to know that you are not alone. I'm in the same boat struggling to get meals prepped for the workweek when I used to either buy microwavable meals or grab something on the way home. Breakfast never happened and lunch was out of a venders machine. This is hard. Exercise? I have been focusing on building muscle with stretching and a few exercises while I'm still in bed. At work I'll do a few deep knee bends or table push-ups. I can't seem to discipline myself to do daily workouts just yet. Health issues and just not motivated but doing 10knee bends here and there is making a difference. I am losing weight even though I suck at meal prep. Slow but sure. Hang in there!

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      Jun 13 at 06:56 AM

      When I saw your post, it was like reading my own. I have spent so much money on so many plans and pills. Recently I sat down with the calendar and I made a decision that I did not put on the weight overnight and it's not going to come off overnight. Slow and steady wins this for my health. I realistically asked myself what kind of food do I love to eat and where have my pain points been. I opted for keto, though some people might refer to it as "dirty keto", and I engaged the gold membership on this app. I track every single thing that I eat every day and I worked really hard the first two weeks to make sure that I had keto friendly snacks (many that I made myself!) and I found that I was extremely satisfied. I substituted bread for low-carb wraps and I made sure that I used my Apple Watch to track all my steps/movement, and I was really surprised at how many calories I was burning just in my average day! I added a 30 minute walk four days a week, which is so good for depression, I use that time to visualize the pay off of being healthier and more fit. I'm going on week four and I've lost 15 pounds. But, my energy level is so much better and, even though I have been to the movies and had a little popcorn and some home fried potatoes for breakfast, I have stuck with it because it works for me and helped me to anticipate where my trip ups are. The most important lesson I have learned over this past month is that I don't do a very good job of telling myself that I am good, I'm worth it, it's ok to spend time on myself. I am less hard on myself today than 1 month ago. If I trip up then I decide to let that be yesterday and I add another 15 minutes to my walk. As a food tip, I will say that I am really surprised at how much I love salad. I challenge myself to eat a huge salad before I eat dinner each day, and I eat a full fat dressing that is lower in sugar, and it helps me to feel fuller, healthier and I don't over eat at my main meal. You can do this!

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      Aug 21 at 09:11 PM

      Wow, I haven't been on in a while and I'm really really touched by all of your kind words and positive feedback. I had some setbacks recently but I am back and ready to try again. I did notice that counting my steps is a huge help. I am currently looking for some easy, quick breakfast ideas because I've been eating Dunkin for breakfast and I'm disgusted by the amount of salt and other nasty stuff is in there. Thank you for the motivation, everyone!

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      Aug 25 at 06:10 PM

      The best thing you can do in the gym is to use a treadmill - walk as fast as you reasonably can with about a 3% incline. The incline will make walking on the treadmill less stressful for your back and will help burn more calories. If you have the time, do it for an hour daily while watching a TV show or listening to music or a podcast. The distraction of something you enjoy listening to or watching will help enormously and the hour will fly by. And some positive self psychology: You are going to the gym to listen to your podcast (or preferred alternative). If you cannot do an hour per day, do what you can - at least 30 minutes if at all possible.

      High protein helps you to feel full. Any easy way to get protein is to include whey protein. I buy a big bag of it at Costco. Start with a tall glass I usually first mix it with water to make a slurry and then stir in unsweetened almond milk. The reason for the slurry step is that it helps the whey dissolve better. Alternatively you can use a shaker bottle with a wire mixing ball. Also, in general, the higher the protein in your diet, the more important it is to stay hydrated. You can flavor your water with citrus fruits if you happen to like those.

      Supplement with EPA fatty acid and glutamine to help to stabilize sugar levels and fight cravings. Recommend that you research that on your own. Also: Monkfruit is a great sweetener.

      And finally, you actually want to consume healthy fats as apart of your weight loss effort. It may sound counterintuitive but it actually helps! Three of the best: olive oil, tree nuts, avocado. You want to consume modest amounts of these because they are high in calories but including them in your diet will help your effort.

      Good gut health (healthy bacteria) also helps your mood. Low fat, plain Greek yogurt can help - sweeten it with monkfruit and add some berries and a few walnuts. Or you can also blend it into a smoothie.

      Hope this helps! Fight on!

    • I use reshape by Kathy smith since I am almost 50. Doesn't overdo it. Utilizes stretching and considers hormones. Also I truly believe intermittent fasting is a great addition. I do 16-8.

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      Sep 04 at 09:31 AM

      Hello gisellen311,

      I'm sorry to hear about the struggle with motivation and depression. The two nearly always go hand and hand.

      Giant CAVEAT, I say this simply as a community member and not as a doctor; you should speak to your own primary care physician about a medication that combines bupropion and naltrexone. This is not a product endorsement or prescription. These medicines have been approved for decades.

      It sounds like you could have a chemical imbalance (most of us do at times) that is serving to sap you of the much needed motivation and satisfaction from your life. None of this is a character defect and it is not about fault. Sometimes, we simply get dealt a different hand in life.

      However you choose to proceed, asking your physician for information can only serve to educate further. In the end, it's your choice as to what your next step should be. I wish you the best of outcomes! smile

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      Sep 27 at 08:37 PM

      Thank you all so much! I am still struggling a bit with portion control and sticking to a routine BUT I am also currently down 20 lbs!! I'm extremely excited about it, although I am kind of stuck now. Still working on it though. All of your suggestions and tips are a HUGE help! smile

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      Sep 30 at 04:20 AM

      Congrats! Keep it up- all your hard work is paying off!