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When i started tracking calories i noticed that i was eating around 1700 to 1780 calories max but id excercise so max calories I'd eat that day was around 1500! But then i would start eating less 1500 max only I'd excercise and burn 200 calories(total of 1300 to 1390 max). All good until i lost weight and now i weigh 172.2. I used to weigh 178. Now the problem is i entered my weight and height and it says i should be eating around 1975 to 1725. Just recently i had trouble with my dog and was paranoid he'd escape because of a fence issue, so I couldn't sleep well and so when i would wake up it would be late and i wouldnt be as hungry. So i found myself not eating as much but I'd force myself to eat so i could excercise but the max id eat those days was around 1100 so I'd force myself to eat something to at least get to 1500 and be able to excercise. And only allow myself to burn 100 because I'm technically supposed to be eating around 1900 to 1700. The problem now is, i get filled with about 1300 (i think mentally). And so i force myself to eat about 1400-1450 and well my problem is i want to excercise badly but I don't think i can eat enough to be able to excercise. So these last couple of days I haven't done anything. I gained .2 each day and today i weigh 172.6 i feel that tomorrow I'll wake up and weigh 173 and fear I'll keep going up. Any recommendations(please and thank you!) and what to do or if i should still work out even though I'm eating less than what I'm supposed to. Could it also be that my sleeping schedule is messed up? Back then I'd wake up around 7 and latest I'd sleep was around 12. Could it be that's why i was able to eat more?! Because i was awake for the whole day vs now i wake up late and then find myself napping during the day for max 2 hours(sleep deprived) I'm working on fixing my sleep schedule.