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Jun 16 at 10:44 AM

counting calories

Maybe this is dumb but I've recently got into counting calories and what not. I'm tryna lose weight and start working out. Now my question is, for example let's say for me to be in a caloric deficit I need to eat 1800- 2000 cals. My plate calculates the workout or whatever that you put in as burned calories and basically subtracts that from your intake for the day saying that 500-800 cals you burned you need to eat again plus whatever else you needed to reach your goal on calories. So do I need to eat 2500 calories with a workout burning 500 to get to 2000. Or do I eat the 2000 cal burning 500 and putting me at 1500 for the day?! This might be obvious but I'm new and wanna make sure I'm not over eating or putting myself in a starving state.