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so hungry

I have no calories left and am so hungry and cranky.

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      Jun 30 at 06:05 PM

      Hi, Trish! Ugh! I feel your frustration! I've had that happen, too. The important thing is that you stop and take a look why that might be. Look at you macros for today. Did you meet those recommendations? If not, identify what could improve. When you review how you met your NUTRIENT goals for today, take a look at where you might have fallen short. It might be worth going over a bit in calories to shore up any nutrient deficit. For example, if you fell short on protein, consider having some egg whites. You can boil one or two eggs and only eat the whites. That wouldn't add many calories but would help your hunger. Also look at your sleep. Did you get enough last night? Tired usually also equals hungry! I hope this helps. Hang in there-you are worth it! Your goals are worth it! The last thing I want to add is that this is a journey. (Trite but true.) The only way to get where you want to go is to find what works for you while you're "on the road," not when you get there!

    • retajo has a Gold Membership
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      Jun 30 at 06:11 PM

      One more thing: Hunger is not your enemy! It's your body communicating with you, asking you for help. Maybe your body needs more sleep, some more protein or fat or carbs. Maybe it needs a good multivitamin or electrolytes or some fish oil. Notice when you're hungry and go into detective mode. By paying attention to the clues, you'll solve the case for sure!

    • Drinking water through the day helps me alot. Always have water near me ice cold to drink.

    • If you me aggregate calorie goal for a day is high enough, then you should look at what you are eating.
      For example a serving of meat is maybe 350 hundred calories and about the size of the palm of your hand.
      350 calories of apple is about 4 medium sized apples.

      2 tablespoons of peanut butter is about 210 calories, but it is a huge green salad with avocado and oranges and a bit of dressing.
      Or a cup of oatmeal and cinnamon with 4 oz milk

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      Jul 08 at 06:52 AM

      I'm curious what you have your calories set at daily? It is possible you're not eating enough (or eating the wrong things - TOTALLY normal, but fixable!). You CAN do this - but it takes adjusting and working through those tough challenges. We're here to help! smile