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doctor appointment

I went to the doctors today to check on some back and leg pain and there she told me at the age 19 and height of 5'2 , 180 pounds is obese. She blames most of my pain on being obese. So I brought a salad for tomorrow's breakfast or lunch , and skipped the corner store tonight … I guess that's a start any motivational tips to feel better after a conversation like that?

    • Hi, Avianna!

      What I'm going to tell you may sound a bit harsh, but your doctor gave you a wonderful gift.

      How I WISH someone had told me that I was obese growing up…it may have spurred me to take better care of myself.

      I was overweight from the age of 8. I suffered terribly by not fitting in at school, being embarrassed by my size, and I was harming my health. And I never knew it.

      Sure, I knew I was overweight. But, I rationalized it. My family was big boned. We couldn't afford to eat healthy food. It wasn't really a problem…

      Except that it WAS. I wasted DECADES of my life being tired and sickly and unwell and I had no idea what feeling good even felt like. It was sad.

      At age 48 (!), I decided I wanted to get healthy so I could live long enough to see my nephew grow up. I weighed 240 pounds, couldn't walk for 20 minutes without being exhausted, and was well on my way to diabetes, a heart condition or both.

      It took me almost two years, but I lost over 100 pounds, increased my energy and fitness level tenfold and my doctor says I'm healthier now than I was at 25.

      I learned how to fuel and move my body in ways that support my overall wellness and I can live this way forever. I'll turn 53 next March.

      I can't believe I waited so long and wasted so much time…

      Take this wake up call like the message it is and work NOW to build positive lifelong habits that will serve you well and keep you healthy for all of your life. You have been given a gift, although it may feel like a gut-punch right now.

      You deserve to be healthy and happy and only you can do that for yourself. I wish you all the best!

    • Avianna! Good for you to go to the Dr about pain.
      Did the dr give you some guidelines for relieving your immediate issues?
      Or so help with where to get good nutritional advice?

      If he reassured you that your pain issues are not something that needs specific treatment, then there are lots of free things you can do to reduce or get over the pain.

      For the weight loss thing - you were already here, thinking about changes. The dr just gave you more data for for 'get to it'

      Good news is you are young! You are old enough to be in control of your choices, young enough to get good results that you can maintain!

      The myplate pictures for the kinds of things to eat for meals is pretty good. Quantity is where I struggle, especially when eating with other people.
      I eat too fast, and feel odd about my plate being empty, so I eat more than I should.

      Other people drink calories without thinking about how much is in a soda, a milkshake, a beer.

      You can figure out what you need to eat and how much to move to adjust your body mass, then make a plan that fits your life to do it. Then notice when you get off track, and make a plan to fix the little mistakes.
      Just remember you are making lifestyle changes and it doesn't have to be overnight or all at once.

      You got this!

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      Jul 02 at 03:22 PM

      I am also 5'2 And gained 30 lbs and weighed 162 last week. I am normally 130 lbs and currently trying to get back to that weight. I lost 6 lbs in 8 days by just changing my diet and not exceeding 1200 cals a day.

    • I do believe yes it was a wake up call since I wanted to be different than my family with the diabetes and obesity but my doctor did not give any advice for the immediate pain but did give a referral for a x-ray place and told me to give them a call although she thinks everything is just from weight gain.

    • I do not know where to get nutritional advice and if any place will take my insurance to get the nutritional advice but lord knows I need it.