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just started running

Hey, so I just recently started running more regularly, and I am currently running about 3-5 miles a day, and I hope to slim down a bit because I've never really been happy with how I look, but I was hoping for some advice on how do that because running is not helping as much as I was hoping it would. Should I stick with running or should I do something else??

    • A calorie deficit will help you lose weight which can be achieved with nutrition alone, or a combination of nutrition and exercise of any sort. You should talk to your doctor about starting any new activity but I highly recommend weight training for body recomposition. Running is great for cardio-vascular health and overall fitness, so if you enjoy that it's a great form of exercise. If you're not enjoying that however, you don't have to! Long walks, treadmill- uphill walks, hiking, rowing and biking are all great cardio replacements. If you want to see real dramatic changes to your body, some weight training will help with that. Just beware that the number on the scale might make it seem like you're not losing much if you start weight training because you might be gaining muscle during the process. Talk to a doctor or a professional and see if they can provide some substitutions that you will love!

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      Aug 05 at 03:34 PM

      I had the exact same problem. I cut my calories and it made a huge difference. I did a slim fast diet. Wail it was embarrassing walking through Walmart with a weeks worth of slim fast it was well worth it. I've always been a runner since I was young but cutting calories is what helped the most.

    • According to the laws of thermodynamics, to lose weight you need a calorie deficit. If you aren't loosing weight then you're generally not in a caloric deficit(unless some rare medical conditions) I would make sure you're in a calorie deficit. Running might make it harder since it increases your appetite