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Im a little confused

I want to have a flat stomach but I'm a growing teenager. I know you are supposed to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight but what about if you are a growing teenager. I just really don't want to stop my body from growing because I am quite short ngl??. Any recommended amount of calorie intake a day for a growing teen? Also another wondering i have is that i really only want to lose my belly fat my weight seems fine to me I'm 13 year old girl that is 150 cm and weighs 42 kilos and my whole body looks normal-skinny but right as I put on a bikini you can see all my belly fat. I'm thinking there's a slight chance I could have a allergy, intolerance or digestion problem causing this. So i might want to see a doctor but I'm a little shy to express my concern over my belly fat to my mom. Any opinions on any of this?

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      Aug 03 at 07:53 AM

      Bloating could always be a factor, I have horrible issues with constant bloating. I bought anti-bloat gummies off amazon and i can tell that they're working pretty well. But as for losing weight, its always best to start off with small goals. For me, I'm a 5'10 girl at 245 lbs. my only goals starting off is to stay at 1500 calories a day and to hit 10,000 steps daily. I plan on incorporating strength training etc once i lose as much weight as i can with "dieting" If your goal is to just lose a small amount of fat around the belly region, try doing the numbers and see how much you should be eating macro & calorie wise, then lower that amount to a still-safe goal. I don't know if you're active or not but trying to get more steps in always helps.

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      Aug 07 at 04:08 AM


      Losing weight is not an appropriate goal. You will naturally gain weight as you growing into and adult. Growing teens should aim for upwards of 1800 calories daily. We encourage you to speak with you parents and pediatrician to develop a plan that works best for you.

      Here are some helpful links to explore with your parents…

    • don't call calories. you are to young and shouldn't have to stress about things like this. you remind me of you when i was your age and now i've been diagnosed with anorexia and am dying. quit while your ahead

    • I used to be just like you. It stunted my growth and puberty and causes me to not even get my period till i was 16. i didn't grow either. i only started to grow once i gave up trying to 'keep' my body how it was and let myself gain weight and get some of that tummy fat. Eating more let me grow from 5ft to 5'8 in only a few years and also helped me develop boobs and a butt (both of which are comprised of fat which started start on my tummy). There's a very true saying "you need to grow out before you grow up" which has rang true for many girls i know. you need to gain weight to have growth spurts and go through puberty fully. you're body is going to change a lot in the next 7 yrs and restricting yourself won't change that - it'll only delay it or hurt you. Try to just forget about the other girls and stuff u see on tiktok/insta and remember no one will remember what your body looks like at 13 or really any ages until at least college. Plus everyone is so worried about how they think they look no one will even notice. you're just a normal teen going through puberty, dw abt it and have some fun wink heart

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      Aug 11 at 05:14 PM

      Bloating could be caused by foods with lectins. Check out Dr Gundry's Plant Paradox.

    • you are too young to worry about this as your body is still developing. that "fat" is normal at this age and you will lose naturally around 18/19. if you want to exercise and stretch bones for length and toning till then try basketball or swimming.
      discuss this with your parents as they are responsible for your nutrition and well being. Mom would love to go over this with you. If not her who else to guide you with patience and love?
      Good luck.