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Cutting bulking?

what's the idea with cutting/bulking??
If im correct while cutting I eat at a slight deficit while working out with high protein to preserve my muscle and maybe gain some then once I'm at let's say a low bf% that I'm happy with,, I then bulk with a slight surplus (I know the gains will be slower) to build more muscle/mass and after some time bulking, I then cut again to lose the fat but I'll still have the newer muscle I gained?
after I'm at a body I'm happy with and want no changes would I be able to just eat at maintenance? and maintain my body?
is that correct, would that work for me??

1. cut at slight deficit to lose fat but preserve/gain some muscle
2. bulk to gain more muscle/mass that I couldn't on my cut
3. cut again to lose any fat gain but now I'll have more muscle/mass from my bulk
4. once ready I can eat at maintenance to just maintain my body?

is that correct? would I be able to get abs this way? I know abs are made in the kitchen but I also know I have to build my ab muscles and lose the fat

thank you

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      Aug 08 at 03:24 AM

      Yes that's correct and was previously suggested. I would bulk to gain muscle you have mentioned was a goal before.

      Some fat will be gained in the process. You could reduce calories to reduce fat.

      If you are a teen, it's best to set a plan into action after talking to your pediatrician with your parents.

    • Thanks for the explanation I really do appreciate it. I have been confused on what was meant by these terms (your explanation was concise). But how does one know when to stop the bulking process to lose fat and how does a person stop from losing lean muscle when they lose fat? I have been eating more to try my hand at this idea and have increased by 4.2lbs about 2.8lbs of this was muscle gain (according to my scale "VeSync"wink. I want to gain more muscle but don't want to gain to much weight so I not sure when to switch between between the two modes. I currently weigh 125.8lbs at 5'8" and that's up from by maintenance weight of 121lbs. I want to work on the core muscle groups to help slim my tummy which is still puffy looking from have Aria a couple years ago. I know it's not possible to spot lose fat so I want to lose body fat down to about 120lbs to get the last of the tummy gone then regain muscle mass to about 125-130lbs. Any ideas on how to best to do this? I don't have heavy weights, but I do have resistance bands, ability to change diet, and patience.

    • This is when I suck in and is more in line with what I want my tummy to look like.

    • To retain muscle it's best to go into a maintenance level of calories for a short time after gain then start a cut. Though jumping into gain straight from a cut is perfectly fine/recommended if gaining afterward is the goal.