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Sports Bra for Big Bust

Hello! I am a postpartum mother who wants to start getting back into shape by running. Does anyone know any good supportive sports bras for big chests? I am an H cup now that I breastfeed and it's making it SO difficult to run without pain. None of my old bras fit me. Advice?

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      Aug 11 at 05:27 PM

      Yes! I got a bra by a brand called Freya. The style I got was the "Sonic High Impact Underwire Sports Bra." It is the best sports bra I have ever had. It keeps everything in place. I order mine on They are a bit expensive but they work.

    • I am a 38H. Most of the time, I just wear my regular underwire bra - I keep one for jogging and a nicer one for everything everything else.

      I do have an Anita brand non-underwire that is 38F that feels good for jogging and rough outside work.
      It just kinda straps things in tighter.

      Foundation wear is the second most expensive clothing item I buy. Running shoes are number 1.
      It's a bummer