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2 Questions-- Adjusting steps and Tracking food according to water content?

1. I don't carry my phone every time I move around wherever I am. I do often wear my Galaxy watch. How can I adjust my daily steps in My plate to show an accurate pedometer count?

2. I tend to monitor what I eat according to the water content of the foods-- in addition to sugar content and food group. Is there a way I can add this factor of "water content of the food" to my daily tracking?

    • 2tacos has a Gold Membership
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      Aug 11 at 12:48 PM

      Hey there!

      I'm going to check to confirm directions for galaxy watch. An Apple Watch may paid same way, but I'll check to confirm.

      Do you have Google fit set to allow permissions with the app?

      The water in foods will not impact your water tracker. You would need to estimate and add.

    • ivorygrey has a Gold Membership
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      Aug 11 at 02:29 PM

      Hi there!

      You can't add "steps" in the MyPlate app. The steps come from the Google Fit or Apple Health app. You can manually track activity (including walking) based on time. Tap exercise, use the search field to search for Walking (there will be several speeds to choose from), and enter the duration.