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I've seen the heaviest I've ever been today- 180 pounds. I just want to cry- I am trying but am finding the motivation. I don't want to be like this- I am 5'6 and need to lose about 30 pounds. Any tips? I just need some motivation

    • Oh hailey, don't cry. I know you're probably feeling pretty crappy right now, but baby, you've gotta pick yourself up.

      It's very difficult for me to give you the motivation you need to get through this and to lose those 30 pounds you're talking about. Why? Because I don't know what motivates you. Can you take some time to really think about it for me? If you do, I know you'll find it.

      It's not enough to just "want" weight loss to happen. Gosh, if that were the case, we'd all be at our perfect weight, healthy and strong. You've gotta dig deep honey. Do you want to be strong and fit? Do you have family members that you want to do activities with? Sorry, I don't really know anything about you - are you married? - do you want to spend time doing fun activities with your partner and/or children? Do you have health concerns that you want to eliminate or reverse?

      I'm just throwing stuff out there, but I think you know what I mean - you have to learn to motivate yourself and then find the discipline to see it through. Maybe this isn't what you want to hear and I'm sorry if that's the case, but I'm just trying to keep it real.

      Please. Have a good sit down with yourself and determine where you want to go. Then set some realistic small goals for yourself. Instead of wanting to lose 30 pounds, start with five. And when you achieve that, because you will, celebrate that and set the next goal, and so on and so on.

      Wishing you the very best luck, hailey. You can do this.

    • Ok thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Your right I need to just sit down and take a break from life to figure this all out. You are great! Thank u!

    • Hi Hailey!

      Don't give up!!! You got this!!!

      My good friend is a Dietician, and shared this advice with me. It's helped me so much.

      It is easy to become discouraged when you have a restricted mindset with food. Studies have found that the problem with restricting yourself on food is that you will almost always eat more and gain more weight in the long run. This is because your body will start craving more and more.

      Advice I would give you is to not focus on what you should eliminate from your diet. Instead of this, you should be asking yourself, "What should I be adding to my meals?"

      For example, don't say "I can't eat this cookie." And rather say "I am going to eat more vegetables." Dieticians will recommend picking a couple of your favorite vegetables and fruits and adding them to your meals each week.

      Motivation comes from looking forward to things, not from restricting things. Actually, studies have found that 80% of people who choose diets will gain that weight back (and even gain more overtime). So don't diet, just add healthy food. Also, understand that sometimes your body really just needs a cookie or something (and that's perfectly okay!)

      This is a more healthy and positive approach to having a healthier body.

      Always remember that you are a beautiful and a capable person. It is normal to feel discouraged at times. Just never forget your true worth! You are wonderful and amazing, don't compare yourself to your ideal. Just take baby steps.

      Also, try walking 10,000 steps throughout your day! It's proven to be so effective! (I would say it's worked better for me than working out).

    • Ok thank you all so much! I really appreciate it!

    • I made some changes like make more food at home, reducing portion sizes, reducing sugar and salt. I reduced the times I eat in a day and eat even more veggies then ever before. I was able to lose weight using this site, making changes above, and participation in are awesome community. To date I've lost about 34-40lbs, I started in May of 2021 and reached goal weight at Sept. 2021 and have been maintenance since. I was 121 but I'm trying to gain ?? mass and wasn't able to do so at that weight. Since then I've gained about 2.8lbs in muscle mass and am trying to work on core muscle groups. I know with patience and building good habits you can lose those stubborn pounds too. I will be cheering you on.

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      Aug 13 at 05:56 AM

      I'm actually almost in the exact same boat LOL. 179 lbs 5'6" (literally the heaviest I've ever been) when I started dieting and 25-30 lbs would've be ideal for me to lose… but I'm ok with aiming for 15 for now. If I get there then I'll have achieved my goal - and if I want to continue towards my ideal then fine. I'm 33 and married - my guy loves me, but I'm doing this for myself. It takes patience and time - so don't look at the gap between yourself and your goals, just start if you haven't. I find that the hardest thing for me to overcome any large project is just STARTING, the rest just follows after that.

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      Aug 13 at 08:12 AM

      Re - motivation
      This happened to me. Went to podiatrist office for foot problems. While sitting there an obese lady came in and checked in. Her feet were bowing out due to her weight. I thought to myself…. No wonder that lady is having foot problems.

      Then I thought to myself….. what the heck this is why my hips, knees, and feet hurt all the time. Your bidies dna is designed to handle only so much weight. I started on that day to a 1000 calorie low carb and have lost 16 pounds over last four weeks with 16 more to go. Tracking everything I eat in this food tracker biggest loss was no snacks (no snacks) after dinner and high protein snacks between breakfast lunch and dinner

      I feel better and am watching pounds drop slowly. I also started chair yoga for old people and am slowly gaining strength everywhere and less pain everywhere
      Hang in there and good luck.

      The vision of the obese lady in the podiatrist office continues to be my motivation

      There is no silver bullet, it is hard work but an investment in a better life with less as you age. You will have bad days and good days,

    • Thank u all! You are all so great and I inspiring!