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I'm at my grandmas lol

I went from eating 500ish cals a day to abt 1600 bc they make me eat 3 meals but i just lost 20 pounds and I'm scared I'll gain it all back

    • i recently have been staying with my fam and they push and guilt me ab food. family is so frustrating bc i feel so obliged to eat with them and they kinda force me

    • Maybe try going on walks often to walk off the calories! That's what I do and I lose about 400 cals

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      Aug 13 at 01:17 AM

      Have an awesome time at grandmas and be sure to eat closer to that amount of calories and never return to eating so little as you were before because it's very unhealthy and dangerous.

      If you are struggling with a disorder it is best to seek advice of a professional. The National Eating Disorders Association has a wonderful website with a confidential helpline, message boards and a very supportive community that you might find very helpful:

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    • All of the above and also, maybe join your grandma if she cooks? Elders have SO much experience with life that it can be a really nice break from the social media mindsets we all get into. Think about what percentage of her life you have been alive and how much more you will grow and change too. Show her your social media stuff and see what she thinks.

    • Enjoy the times with grandparents!
      Food is a wonderful memory.

      I have to practice eating slower than everyone else at the table (without seeming picky)
      Chewing well, taking sips of water between bites.
      Put the fork down between bites.
      Talk .
      Listen without taking a bite.
      Maybe wipe the corners of your mouth with the napkin -

      If you still have foods on your plate, they won't force you to eat even more.

      But try to enjoy it!
      My gran made the best cinnamon rolls! She would bake for the whole church when she was younger.
      When I visited as a girl, she made big trays of rolls so she could watch the neighbor kids come a eat them on her picnic table with a big glass of milk!
      Then I had kids to play with or ride bikes.