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Aug 12 at 11:45 PM

calories excess or deficit

1. This is not showing up in app
2. There was a setting I saw once about only setting your watch to report to MyPlate- calories burned, but I can't remember how or exactly why?
Thank you.

    • ivorygrey has a Gold Membership
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      Aug 22 at 04:14 PM

      MyPlate will sync with the Apple Health app to read activity data tracked from your Apple Watch. If you do not see the button on the home screen of the MyPlate app that asks you to sync with Apple Health, please log out and back into your account. Doing this will force MyPlate to serve you with this option again. *Before logging out, please force sync your data to make sure it gets saved. To force sync, tap the white silhouette icon > your profile picture > scroll down and tap force sync.