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Sep 23 at 08:28 AM

How often do you weigh in?

This is a hot topic - and there are NO wrong answers wink But...

How often do you weigh in?

Personally, I step on the scale every couple days, but I only "log" it once a week.
- I recognize there are daily fluctuations, so I don't get caught up on those (example: earlier this week I was up almost 5 lbs - it's gone again now - from bloating), but I like to "keep tabs"
- I like to weigh in on Mondays as my "official day" because I keep it in mind over the weekend - a little mental game I play with myself lol

I just think as long as you keep in mind that you WILL fluctuate daily and day to day and that, REALLY, as long as your OVERALL trend is going down (like over several weeks), and you keep on with your commitment to healthy eating and getting your workouts in, you're heading in the right direction wink

I found this article, too - if you're looking for more info:

    • I weigh myself every Sunday morning and log it in. But I don't usually log it in accurately, I keep 1 or 2 pounds off the books as a buffer in case I ever need it. Don't judge, it works for me - lol! I might weigh myself during the week if I need a motivational boost, but I try not to do it more than once.

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      Sep 23 at 02:18 PM

      haha hey whatever works for you! lol

    • I used to weigh everyday. Then found myself obsessed and weighing multiple times a day.
      Then I figured a few things

      After watching the numbers go up and down and then up-up and freaking out

      Now, I read the blog , weigh about every 10 days or so, and track if my weight is up until it trends down for longer…

      I am close to some new low numbers, more importantly, my general health is better! I manage my stress better! Most days, I can rise above.
      I am very grateful for this blog

    • Sundays are my weight in day, I record my weight then. Might step on the scale before Sundays just to see how the weeks going. Don't put much into off days though as weight can go up and down.

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      Sep 25 at 07:59 AM

      I step on the scale once a day, first thing every morning. It doesn't work for everyone but it does work for me. The day to day ups and downs don't bother me and it helps keep me focused on making the most of my daily choices - especially on weekends. My weight loss goal is a big number 60-65 lbs so I break it up into 5 pound mini-goals with an aim to lose 1-2 pounds a week. So far I'm down 23 pounds with another 40 or so to go. What works for me may not be the best for someone else though. Good luck!!

    • I wake up and either lift or run depending on the day, then shower and take my weight. It fluctuates wildly, so not a good method for number obsessed people, but it works for me

    • I'm no longer obsessing over my weight, and instead am focusing on the measurements of my bust, waist, and hips.

      I find that It's more accurate to show loss of fat, as muscle does weight more then fat.

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      Oct 02 at 07:05 PM

      Daily. This way I can keep eye on what foods do what to me.