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Will I ever get better?

Trigger warning: I'm 14 and I have dealt with bulimia since I was 11. Overs the years I have seen a therapist but she hasn't really helped, I have gotten better at not acting upon it but the thought are still there. Entering freshman year of high school I have been over whelmed with the stress of school and multiple sports and so I have gained a habit of binge eating. I have gained 10 pounds and my immediate reaction was to throw up every meal but I've decided I really want to get better. This isn't healthy and I want to get better, I still want to loose the weight I've gained but in a healthier way , that's why I got the app. I'm going to change my therapist and start working out again and I hope that i will get better. I just want to know if I can do it if I will ever overcome this, I'm so so tired of it and I need to over come it. I need advice from someone who has dealt with a similar situation please, does it ever get better?

    • Hi Sofia. I really hope you find a therapist that you are comfortable with. They don't have a magic wand, but they can help you find the tools to better cope with your struggle. You can definitely 'retrain your brain' with regular therapy and persistence. I also hope you have a cousin, sibling, friend, or relative (who is free of judgement) that you can also talk to. They won't have all the right answers, but it's always better to talk, than to bottle things up. I have a 15yo family member that struggles with an eating disorder and I have seen her mental and physical health improve over the last 2 years. It's a slow process, but I can see that you are already off to a great start! You got this!