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A very special man that I was in love with passed away.
He was a beautiful artist.
An impeccable man, everyone loved him, not just me.
He was a loving boyfriend ❤️ and did anything in the world for (with respect to his job, he was a tattoo artist) I've know him since I was like 10yrs old.
When we grew up as soon as I turned 18 he asked me on a date and we went for a walk on the beach. I wasn't a smoker at 18yrs old thank God. But he liked to smoke marijuana. I tried it with him but I didn't continue to smoke it after our date. I was in college and I thought it would ruin my memory and I had A LOT of information I had to remember for test and stuff.
All in all he was so respectful and loving to me. I could've been a better girlfriend but it's okay we both moved on and found new lovers.. I thought.
He just wasn't happy anymore and I didn't find out until 3 days ago.
I'm very sad about what happened and I just wanted to hop here and talk about it. If I don't talk about these feelings then I'll be afraid of what I would do. So coming on here helps me.
Thank you for anyone who reads.
I'm just super sad….