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Lunch out tomorrow PLEASE HELP

ok everyone - my mother-in-law has been on my case to go with them to lunch at this Chinese place for over a YEAR - yes a YEAR. I'm sick of hearing - so I'm going with them tomorrow. like seriously Chinese? might as well be French food ( btw is my favorite) nothing there will be healthy. what am I going to do??? how do you order healthy in such a place?

    • You can also ask for a to go box as soon as the plates arrive and put part of your lunch away for another meal.

    • while that sounds delicious I guess I should mention I try not to eat the following


      but I can do stir fry chicken & maybe some kind of soup?!

      and thank you for helping me Tacos

    • thanks 3P! I'll make sure my hubby eats the leftovers too- this is just a lot for me to absorb - we just went out for her birthday last week - I'm feeling pressured & stressed

    • Ok tacos, you're the person to get Chinese with!

      Eating out is hard enough without it being Chinese! But they often have "lite" dishes, which are usually steamed but they tend to be bland. You can also ask them to go light on the oil or sauce if you do a stir fry. If the restaurant has a website you might be able to figure out what you're going to have before you go, which might help you have a better time.

      Personally, I only have Chinese food every once in a while, so I eat very little that day so I can order something I really enjoy and just watch the portion size. And I usually avoid the deep fried stuff.

    • They may offer a stir fry of just veggies. My local Thai/Chinese place does and it is delicious!

    • Ok cyn, you got this. Are you stressed because you're going Chinese? Or because you're having a meal with your MIL? If the former, you can manage it to a degree. If the latter, well, you're basically screwed - sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

      Bob's suggestion of looking at an online menu before you go is excellent. That way you can scope out what's on offer and even make some choices beforehand. ThreeP's right in that there's nothing wrong with a great plate of stir fried veg - easy on the sauce and/or oil. And taco's bang on with his suggestion of a Szechuan dish - I love Szechuan!

      An egg drop or hot and sour soup would be a great start. There would likely be some kind of beef and broccoli dish on the menu, or as suggested chicken and veg, or you could go out on a limb and opt for a tofu and veg dish. If you were into rice, I'd go for steamed vs fried. Or maybe a noodles?

      I think, ultimately, you're going to have to watch your portion sizes and specify at the time of ordering that you want less oil and sauce.

      And here's the thing, cyn, it's one meal. ONE. Is it really worth stressing about over one meal? I don't mean to minimize your feelings, and I appreciate and applaud your dedication to making healthy choices, but if you're doing that 95% of the time, is this 5% really going to have a substantial impact? Or if you feel like it's going to de-rail you, have faith in yourself - it won't - you're stronger than that!

      Go out. Try to have fun. You can do this, cyn! I know it. We know it. You know it. I'll even lend you my cape - super cyn!…has a nice ring to it!

    • No need to be stressed! How lucky are you to have a MIL who wants to spend time with you! We rarely eat out, so I eat less that day so I can enjoy my favorites at the restaurant. Chinese/Thai is a favorite! Looking at their website ahead of time to plan your strategy is a great idea. Relax and have fun! You are with people who love you!

    • Hey Cyn! I always get chow mein without the sauce and dont eat the fried noodles obv. Some reataurants have a "weight watchers" menu. Stick to steamed veggies and a lean protein and get the sauce on the side!

    • Cyn, I also found this. I know some of these suggestions are not for you based on your list of foods from which you abstain, but it might help none the less.

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      Oct 01 at 05:39 AM

      Stay away from anything fried and anything in their batter. That's where the calories are including many sauce (for obvious reasons with sugar).

      Stick to their stream menu, healthy options and if you get rice go with brown option. If it's a mixed Asian cuisine type place you can also do non fish sushi roll with brown rice. If they offer Japanese type in the menu too.

      I'd strategically pick a place that offers the mix for that reason

    • Lmao Rosie that link made me feel so smarty pants over here with the steamed veg and sauce on the side wink hahaha!

    • everyone has awesome suggestions I definitely took note on few for myself you got this Cynthia I always stick with portion control especially on foods not as healthy & try to fill up on steamed veggies healthier soup options first let us all know how it goes smile I also like to order my soup with my meal & I toss the steamed veggies in it that alone fills me up & I can bring home leftovers

    • first off, thank you to EVERYONE for all of your fantastic support and suggestions here! I'm blown away by them and the outpouring of ideas and support here, you all means so much to me!

      I'm going to look up their menu and go stir fry & have some soup & brown rice or steamed rice

      Tacos is definitely the person to go with to have Chinese food with! ALL of you are amazing thank you.

      you're right, it's just one meal but it goes a little deeper but I just have to set my personal/religious feelings aside and do this for her.

      I'll let you all know how it turns out - a million thank you for all of your support and suggestions - I appreciate you more than you know!

    • Soup is usually low, wanton or sweet and sour. Green bean chicken or broccoli beef not bad. Ask for stir fry veggies instead of rice or chow mein, eat 1/3 of what ever served and if doggie bags are available take it and freeze if you like it, throw out if you don't. Kind of social skills at their finest! Lol!

    • North - that's an excellent idea to order soup as your main and put steamed veggies into it. I mean EXCELLENT! I never would have thought of that!!

    • When I get Panda Express I typically get there chow mein and orange chicken.

    • hello everyone...

      I had sesame chicken on a tiny bed of steamed rice!

      a small bowl of egg drop soup

      1 chicken egg roll

      was it yummy? YES!! Was it worth it? YES!!

      Did I care about my calories?

      Yes & No - I kept hearing Rosie telling me it's only 5% bad so I was like yeah what's 5%

      and it made my mother-in-law SO happy

      here's where it all went off the rails tho - she wanted to stop for Italian ice - I got a small soft ice cream - I'm sure my body is going to kick me for that one but I don't care - it made her super happy & that's all that matters. she's 92, life is short. I'll just have to workout harder that's all

      thank you everyone for your support!

    • Cyn, has anyone told you today how amazing you are? If not, allow me to be the first: you are AMAZING!!

      I'm not sure what makes me happier: the fact that you made such excellent choices meal-wise, or the fact that you moved beyond feeling stressed and pressured and were so, so incredibly kind in spending time with your mil. To hell with it - I'm not picking one, I'm going to go with BOTH of them making me happy!! (And you know, after I said that 5%, I realized it's probably closer to 2%!)

      Here's where it goes off the rails - a small soft serve ice cream? OMG, that's nothing you goose!! The only way that goes off the rails is you thinking that it constitutes going off the rails! If your body kicks you for it, you kick it right the hell back - twice as hard! You are a boss so there's no need to take any sh*t, especially unwarranted sh*t!!

      Like I said at the top. You are amazing - own it!!!

    • Cyn, you rocked it!!! You picked great options for lunch. And I'm so glad you had a good time! Unhappy dieting isn't the way to go, you have to have joy and be with those you love and. care about. 1 small ice cream? I've done way worse than that! But it's the rare occassion, not the norm. Good for you, way to go!

    • awww thanks Rosie - the lactose in the dairy & the sugar isn't sitting well with me but at least was a small amount -

      she was just so HAPPY. Life is short & that Chinese food was the bomb!