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Weight loss

This is the first time that I have checked in with my weight loss. I am so very happy to say that I have lost 30 pounds since I have started my weight journey September the 15th! I know that's just the start and I have so much more to get off me but it makes me happy! when I get all this weight off I can have my knee surgery that I so desperately needs because of so much pain. And it surprised me to have lost this much when I don't exercise at all. I wish I could keep losing it this fast!

    • How are you doing it? what your age, height and weight? if you don't mind me asking because September 15 was not too long ago and that sounds way too fast for loosing that much.
      be careful with what you do, make sure your taking care of yourself and that your doing it in a healthy way.

    • I should explain. I use to weigh 396 to start with. I'm down to 368 now. plus I am a person that swells bad. inheritance.. I always take off a few pounds fast to start off with. I can tell in my stomach that I've lost. I'm worried now because I can't exercise because of knee pain. And I will stop losing weight. I'm 56 years old. no matter what I eat it seems it always has a lot of carbs. I'm trying to do a low carb high protein diet. I don't eat red meat and I am so in love with yogurt.. can I still lost weight without exercise??

    • ok, thanx for the clarification.
      and yes, you can absolutely lose wight without working out, (obviously it can help a lot But,) 75 percent of weight loss is dieting, and 25 is exercise.
      I would highly recommend speaking to a dietitian or even doing some research on your own and seeing what foods are best for you to eat and what foods you should be cutting out.
      I'm not sure what your diet looks like right now but if your a beginner I would suggest starting off with cutting out the basic junk.
      Sweet drinks, cakes, cookies etc...and adding more veggies that you like to your meals.
      thats how I started by cutting out sweet drinks and I didn't have any for about half a year ( accidently had at my boethers wedding a sip about 3 months ago, lol) but now and I don't even want it anymore.
      it's all about staying committed to yourself and your goals.
      it takes time but it's so worth it.
      wishing you the best of luck!!

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      Oct 08 at 12:19 PM

      30lbs is awesome. My dietician put me on a moderately low carb diet (under 30-45 per meal). It's so hard for me to get enough protein as I don't eat a lot of meat. What yogurts have you found that you like? I have been eating Oikos pro, 20g of protein and only 8g of carbs.

    • congratulations on your losses! Keep up the good work.

    • thank you all for the comments and praise. That means a lot to me. It's so hard to find low carb foods. And high protein. Basically the only meat I eat is chicken. I don't have a problem with drinking sodas. they are diet. I love veggies as well. All veggies! not too into fruit. And I eat a lot of yogurt because it kills my sweet tooth. I stay away from bread. Anything starchy. I eat a lot of Atkins broccoli and chicken dinner. That's the one that has low carbs. and the yogurt that I truly love is Chobani Greek yogurt. I love the pretzel kind and somores. I can't eat in the mornings never could and I don't eat the calories that they want me too since I can't exercise at all. I'm scared to weigh myself anymore. cause if I have not lost anymore I will feel so guilty. I have to get this weight off of me and get healthy again.. I feel me not being active at all. never going anywhere. I'm just dying slowly. I don't know why I didn't have knee surgery when I was small! now I can't till I get all this weight off. I am happy for you all! it's just depressing at times cause I don't have any type of life anymore. sorry to ramble on

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      Oct 12 at 04:51 AM

      I also like the Atkins's Stone fired pizza, but I have to reduce the cooking time by 15 seconds or it gets too crispy.

    • brittmich I didn't know that Akins had pizza. The foods that I have ate from them are all good to me. I just weighed myself again today after I think two weeks and I have only lost 3 pounds. it makes me feel bad. I mean I won't ever get the weight off losing it this slow. won't ever be able to have my surgery.

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      Oct 12 at 05:03 PM

      They only have a few varieties of Atkins meals at my local Walmart and that is one of them. Don't get too discouraged. You've lost a lot of weight in a small amount of time so you're probably not going to see huge losses now. Have you talked to your doctor about losing weight? Mine just prescribed me Metformin to help me as my weight loss has slowed. It's only my third day taking it, so I'll have to let you know how it works but so far I haven't had any negative side effects.

    • brittmich I take metformin too but I take it because I'm a diabetic.. I take one in morning and one at on two types of sugar pills. I never lost weight with them. but you may be different. she put me on a diet pill that I take one each day.starts with a PH something. long word. I'm in bed and don't feel like getting back up. lol. I will talk with you later good night