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Ideas? I would like to reduce my fat percentage

Hello I'm trying to reduce my fat percentage rather then lose weight if that makes any sense. I have tried gaining muscle mass, but struggle to keep that muscle. I know that strength training could help but I have limited equipment (5 lb dumbbells, 5 lb kettlebell, a couple resistance banda, body weight) are no access to the gym. I'm trying to reduce my sugars in my diet as well but find it difficult as my sugar comes from milk and my occasional fruit. I am confused on how to lose fat percentage without just focusing on whole body weight can anyone explain how to do it. My husband doesn't want me to lose anymore weight but doesn't mind me working on my body composition. My current stats are Female, 5'7", 124.6lbs, age 37, currently 18.9-19% body fat and would like to reduce that to 16% body fat. I do have some difficulties with abdominal muscle exercises but I'm trying some new stretches that are supposed to help with separation in that area.

    • Hi Leah!! um I'm not that educated on this topic but maybe look up on YouTube, there are many doctors on there, or hopefully my comment will bump your post and others will see, good luck!

    • Hey Leah - I happened to be scrolling and saw your post here. Nice to see you smile

      Yeah definitely don't lose mass. You are "skinny fat" (though not very fat) and if you want to improve your shape, getting smaller isn't going to help. If you can, check out New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Shuler from the library. Changed my life 10 years ago. And my body. Now I'm 5'7 and 40 - I gained 15 pounds of muscle and never looked back.

      You should plan to eat at a slight surplus, get protein like 100+ grams per day. Sleep 8+ hours each day (nap if you need). Bare minimum cardio to stay healthy - 30 min most days - so you're not burning off your muscle. Strength training 3+ days a week. The equipment you have is adequate but you'll need to be very consistent and increase reps or intensity to keep getting stronger.

    • Thanks HunnyB, and welcome back! The protein I've got down and the cardio is close it takes 32-35 minutes to bike to and from work so that's pretty close too. I will work on being more consistent with my strength training which is my biggest issue as it is more difficult then cardio for me. I can drop my jumping jacks and limit dance exercises (fun but still cardio). Do you think that my squats and lunges would still be okay? They help to keep my bike muscles and legs toned. The biggest issue will be sleep... I only sleep about four hours unless I'm sick or having fatigue spells. Also I'll see if YouTube has any of that video as it will take me a bit to get back to the library again.

    • I also have some customers that are looking into used workout equipment that I could purchase because it's just too expensive on Amazon to purchase new. I'm not willing to pay that much. =D