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Any easy to make recipes?

hello! i weigh roughly 125LBs and struggle heavily with eating. whenever i wanna eat my stomach starts to ache and i feel very very nauseous and it causes me to lose interest in eating and i end up starving and in an endless cycle of being hungry until lunch time. i was wondering if anybody knows any simple but high calorie recipes i can make in the morning before school and after school. any help would be appreciated. thank you!

    • sometimes it's more helpful to snack on small things when you get the chance or sneak in lil extra bits of protein or fat to make you more full. like starting your day with a piece of fruit and a protein bar as a quick thing to put something in your stomach without thinking too much about it
      that being said some quick and filling/nutritious things to eat could be - toast and eggs fried / boiled / scrambled & you can add veggies if you want, or some yogurt with granola / chia seeds