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Mar 04 at 03:05 PM

Tell Us YOUR Motivation to Get Healthy! You Could Win a $250 VISA Gift Card and a FitBit Flex

Do you want to lose 15 pounds, run a marathon or quit smoking? Whatever your goal, you need MOTIVATION to get you there. Without it, you won't get started on actions, and your goals will continue to just remain as intentions.

We want to hear YOUR motivation to get healthy. What is it that drives you forward? Share what it is that keeps you going and you could win a $250 VISA gift card and a FitBit Flex.

It's simple to enter the contest. To do so, respond to this thread telling us about your motivation. It can be one word, a picture, or even a paragraph telling us about your motivation to get healthy. The contest ends on April 4, 2014. On April 7, 2014 we'll select the top 30 finalists and the "Voting Period" will begin where the community (and any friends you recruit) will have until May 7, 2014 to vote for their favorite entry. The winner will be announced shortly after. Official contest rules can be found here:

    • i have wanted to lose weight my entire life. my whole life i was told i was fat and needed to lose weight. i was never the heaviest girl in school but i was always bigger than the other girls. i tried all sorts of things to lose weight some healthy some not so healthy. i gave birth 3 years ago and it was the most amazing thing i have ever done. but i ended up gaining 60 pounds in the process. before my daughter i wanted to be skinny to impress other people and to make others happy it was never for myself. now that ive gotten the demons out of my head and i have my self esteem back it's time for me to lose weight because i want to, not because some one told me so. my motivation for losing the weight is to stay around to watch her grow up and turn into an amazing woman.

    • I'm motivated by getting stronger! Every time I can lift an even slightly heavier weight, I know that I'm improving and my body can do more. I can't wait until I can get back to the gym and try again!

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      Mar 04 at 09:09 PM

      My family all has incredibly poor health. All through my life, I've seen all the people I love suffer obesity, diabetes, cancer, COPD, Ehlers-Danlos, mental health issues, auto-immune disorders, and several other things. At fourty years old, I get to watch my mother, whom I spent my whole life supporting, cripple under the weight of her choices. Smoking, drinking, unhealthy habits, and inherited disorders have worn her down and I finally, at twenty-three, realise that I cannot save her; she has to save herself. However, I have time to take my health into my own hands, and make wise decisions instead of exacerbating the inevitable.

      I want to be strong enough to protect myself from what I could not, before. I do not want to feel the helplessness my beautiful mother lives with every day or that which I have suffered through my past. I want to stand before other people with health and mental disorders and say that I know they can do it, simply because I did. I want to show people that they must want help to get it, and be there when they've discovered they're done hiding.

      I don't want to hide, anymore

    • I am a sophomore in high school and getting to we're I am physically has been awesome! I have always had a tough time with my weight but it really started becoming a problem when I found out the knee conditioning had was incurable, it just was a downward spiral from there. I found out about this in 5th grade(2009) and I just let it be my excuse. At that time I was playing basketball, soccer, and softball. Over time I had to stop basketball and soccer. I am playing softball still but I have always been the biggest girl on the team and it's discouraging. Last September I broke a bone in my already bad knee and had surgery a few months later. It was suppose to help but it has only put me further behind. So now I am choosing to become healthy and work out to the best of my ability. Nothing can stop me now!!

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      Mar 04 at 09:15 PM

      Thank you. It stick in my mind after I talk to my mother every day and I hear her throw herself down another flight of stairs. But I've had people tell me time and time again that it's not my job to save her. I'm hoping I can lead by example. She's already asking me questions about all sorts of foods that she'd've never eaten before. And she's hooked on chia chips.

    • I was thinking the same thing Scarlet . Beautiful

    • I have always had problems with my weight, but I could always seem to lose it. It always came back when i would get sick. Well, I was a very successful manager of a busy retail store when my health got really bad (almost lost my leg & my life). Now I have a sleeping sickness. Arthritis of every form, scoliosis, deadly food allergies, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) COPD, traumatic brain injury (TBI) with some short-term memory problems. There are days that I don't remember if I have eaten so I may not eat till my husband comes home from work then again I may eat 3 or 4 times a day. I wasn't like this before until October, 2008 that is when I fell on some ice & re-broke my hip replacement (I worked 18 months with it that way in horrible pain!) I developed gain-green inside my left leg that is when I almost lost my leg & life. My husband for 6 weeks would 4 times a day give me antibiotics in a shunt placed directly into my heart. He kept me alive. I have my life & my leg because of him, the wonderful doctor I found, & God's blessing. While lying in the hospital bed in my living room, I gain over 300+ lbs due to the fact all I did was eat! My motivation is to lose the rest of this weight (55 lbs) so I can go with my husband back to where we had our honeymoon & walk the hiking trails instead of siting in the lounge & waiting for him to come back with pictures. I want to talk & walk hand & hand with the man that was so patient with me while I laid in that bed & went through 3 years of surgeries. I want to be in good health & at the right weight so my three prosthesis will not give me any problems while I am walking hand & hand with the man that I love & cherish so dearly. That I truly feel I would not be here today if he had not stood beside me when I needed him the most. I have lost 120+ lbs so I feel that was my motivation then & it is now. I am doing it for my love of my husband & his hobby (hiking - which I want to start enjoying)!

    • When I was pregnant with my second beautiful daughter I had gestational diabetes. My eldest daughter was 3 at the time and had to watch me check my bloods and all the other things it entails.

      When my youngest daughter hit one, my blood glucose test showed I had impaired glucose tolerance. I made the decision that by the time I have my test next November I want it to be in a much more healthy state. I want my lovely little girls to grow up watching me making healthy decisions and choices. No matter what I tell them about food and exercise - what they actually watch me do will have the biggest impact on their lives.

      I have so much more energy now, my bmi is 22 and I've dropped 2 dress sizes. I've got 2 more lbs to go & I'll have lost 24lbs - my youngest daughter's weight . Picking her up and carrying her around is a reminder of how far I've come.

    • A year ago, I took a belly dance class. I was immediately hooked. I've continued to learn and am even starting to perform.

      I didn't start belly dancing to get healthy or lose weight, I did it because it looked fun. And I've kept doing it because it IS fun!

      Belly dancing takes a lot of strength and stamina. I want to get healthy so I can continue to dance and improve my skills. We have people in our town in their 70's (although you couldn't tell it from looking at them!) that can still out belly dance anyone else here. I aspire to be like them!

    • My future is my motivation!! My mom died 10 years ago from breast cancer and was a heavy smoker. My dad died last summer of a massive heart attack. Several years ago I lost 150 pounds by making healthy choices and exercising. While I've put 30 back on, but working to get it back off, I have remained active and have found a passion for hiking! At 53 years old with bad knees and a bad hip, I know I want to be active and continue to hike and have a quality life so that helps motiviate me to stay on track as much as possible. I have two beautiful granddaughters that I hope to rope into being hiking partners when they are a little older. I find exercise helps with the daily stress of life as well as healthy eating. I never want to go back to how awful I felt when I was heavy. I want to participate in an active life and not just be an observer! smile

    • My reason for getting motivated is to be able to be around & able to play with them. Both of my boys are a handful, & as their dad, I should be able to get down on the ground & wrestle & play for however long they want, & right now, I can't do that. I'm working hard to get in the best shape I can be for my boys, & to be around for years to come.

    • Myself...I do this for me. To feel better, to breathe better, to be stronger, to run faster, to run farther, to be at home in my skin. I've ridden this roller coaster too long, it's time to make it stop. already 30 pounds down from my heaviest recorded with 37 more pounds to go for my 2014 goal, I'm on my way.

    • Not to impress others but improve my well being. I'm 30 years young and have never been a thin guy. I was up to 1 pack a day smoking and was just un-impressed with myself. I lost my mother 10 years ago to bone cancer and it's been a downward spiral from there...I'm doing everything in my power to not only be a better man mentally but physically as well.....I'm quitting smoking and trying to get where I want in life so I can look back and say I over came my biggest obstacle, myself.

    • What primarily motivates me to stay healthy is my parents. Both have been afflicted with minor types of cancer around their early 60s (prostate and breast cancer) but because they are both very healthy (from exercise and healthy eating) they were both able to recover and bounce back from their respective surgeries as if they were in their early 30s! I only hope that when I'm their age I will feel and look as great as they do!
      My other motivation is the noticeable difference in the way I feel when I've been active and eating healthy: I have more energy; my back doesn't hurt as much; I have fewer stomach issues (suffer from IBS and acid reflex); I sleep better; and my mood is generally more positive.

    • There are so many motivating factors for me to be Healthy! Being active is part of me - part of what I enjoy in life. Like many, I have over come hurdles to reach goals. I want to be there to support the new gym member and let them know they can overcome their hurdles! I am surrounding by healthy influences and want to be the same influence for my family and others! The results of my hard work are motivating as well wink

    • I live to become a better person . I want to be a better me. Eating healthy is the first step towards that goal. ExcersiZe is just the fun part of it. It all always begins in the kitchen. Eating healthy leads to a better physic and a better mind state. Also to a longer happier life than those who eat junk food majority of the time. Not to mention eating healthy is delicious !

    • All my life I have been athletic; competing in different sports on national and international levels, attending university on an athletic scholarship, spending my first 20 years out of college in the action sports industry, etc. Now I'm in my mid-50's, married to a wonderful woman, but sitting at a desk for the majority of the day and discovering health issues that I never thought I would have - high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc.
      A lot of these issues can be controlled or mitigated by getting my fat, slow, and weak body back to being lighter, stronger, and more flexible. I realize that aging is a major contributing factor, but I want to outlive my wife and be able to have fun with her until we're in our 80's or longer. I would rather be a widower than leave a widow behind.

    • My motivation is to live life to it's fullest! Growing up I watched my mother eat very horribly and in her later years suffering with heart disease. She could barely walk from one room to anther with out losing her breath. My Mom died at a very young age of 63 on mother's day, it was the saddest day of my life. I looked long and hard at my own life and realized after way too many years that I too was heading in that direction of heart disease. I was 75 pounds over weight with out of control cholesterol. I could not lower my cholesterol with medication alone as I have bad reactions on the medications, so I decided I was going to take back control over my life and changed my diet completely. I have for the past 5 months eaten mostly vegetarian / vegan, cutting most cholesterol and saturated fats from my diet. I have increase my exercise going 5-6 times a week. I am now down 50 pounds and feel as good as I did in high school! I have 25 more pounds to go and my motivation is the memory of my mother and knowing I have changed my life and will continue to do so!! Watch out world here I come!! smile

    • Back in 2007 I was unhappy with my life. I was lonely, hated my job, hated my commute, had no time to do anything, and ate out - a lot. My weight got up to 170, and my blood pressure was high. It started with the realization that I needed to lose some weight for my health. I didn't love it at first, but calorie counting worked, and I stuck to it.

      I thankfully met a friend that was into cycling, and that was something I could fall in love with. I found friends in the cycling community, and it became something I did to be with friends (and for transportation). I was motivated to keep up with people, not to lose weight. I still counted calories, and it was slow, but I started to get into pretty good shape. I was happier and healthier.

      Life changes though, and I moved to Boston from Chicago, which meant living with my family and their eating habits for a bit, and facing Boston roads which were not as bike friendly. So after 6 months of putting on weight and feeling lethargic, I started running. It was awful at first. But Boston has hills, and hills make you strong. I got better, and I started enjoying it. It became my meditation. Before I knew it I was running my first race, a 10K. I kept running, and have now run a marathon (which I trained for with a fantastic group)!

      Now I'm motivated to gain muscle and lose fat so that I can be faster, stronger, and more injury proofed for running. I'm currently weight training 3 days a week, and running 3 days a week with a goal of a 5k/10k/half marathon all in the same weekend in June, and a marathon in October. Before my goal races, there will be 5ks run with friends. I'm also hoping to lose another 8-18 pounds and get down below 135 (mostly focused on stronger/leaner though, as I get further into marathon training, I'll require more calories to heal).

      I'm now in love with training, I love what my body can do, and the way it feels, and I love the camaraderie with other athletes (I'm an athlete?! Wow!).

    • I am motivated to be healed from the inside out and to hever be a strategic. I was always the largest sibling in my family at a young age and as i got older i gained and gained so being overweight was me. Lets fast forward 4yrs ago i was diagnose with fibromyalgia and pedusotumor cerebri along with some other health issuse that are unexplain and my life flashed before me and what about my family. The doctor said that the spot on the brain wasn't nothing to be concerned about but than it grow within six months and i develop mirgraines. I have so much medication to take that oneday God spoke and said thats enough no more meds, relay on me so i did. I am still having problems but i am still here fighting to be healthy no so a number on a scale or a particular size but just HEALTHY so i can live longer to see my grown children now succeed and have families of their own, to grow older with my husband and to help others know that no matter what you can still live for the aligment does control you, you control it.
      I became a Zumba Instructor in the mist of all that was going on and now I am becoming a health and wellness coach to fullfil God's plan and purpose for me to motivate others THEY CAN DO IT!!!