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Apr 22 at 07:01 AM

Favorite Swaps?

What are some of your favorite healthy swaps you've made since changing your lifestyle for the better/ healthier? We could ALL use the extra ideas here and there - continuous improvement and search for better options are a big part of this as a lifelong process! smile PLEASE SHARE!

A few of my favorites swaps have been:
- Butter: I used to use "country churn-style" tub margarine, then went to "light margarine," THEN went natural with whipped butter, which not only is SO much better because it's REAL, but also tastes SO much better and it ONLY 50 calories per tbsp smile
- Salad: I didn't used to eat much salad at all, then it was iceberg lettuce, not I eat a spring mix with dark leaves. The darker the green, the healthier and more full of vitamins/ nutrients!
- Meat: Our house used to go through ground beef like nobody's business - now I can't remember the last time I bought ground beef. It's all been turkey (sometimes chicken). It's SO much leaner and having less red meat in general is better for you. We do have steaks occasionally (much smaller than we used to, though), and the occasional hamburger when we go out. It's all about modification & moderation (less of it less often). smile

    • quite a while ago, we stopped buying processed meals in a box. They are so full of junk and don't even taste that good! We Grill and broil a lot and we buy fresh or frozen veggies and fresh fruit.. you can't beat fresh! I have also gotten my hubby to eat spinach.. he would only eat iceberg before.. now I mix the two together so he can have a bit of both. I also sneak in Kale and spinach into his smoothies.

    • I used to eat cookies as a snack, now I eat banana's (:

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      Apr 22 at 07:12 AM

      Great swaps for sure!
      haha yeahhhhh bananas instead of cookies are a HUGE improvement! wink

    • Ripe pears, Mangos, Jack fruit, and blueberries are my favorite so far!!! Much better then cookies.

    • Apr 22 at 07:15 AM

      Lifting heavy instead of the extra cardio. Life-changing swap!

    • Giving up soda (unless I have a rum and coke, which is rare)

      Cutting back on red meat in general. I was eating steaks and burgers almost every day.

      Cutting out/back on junk food like chips, cakes and cookies

      I have my rough days, but in general cutting back on these have helped

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      Apr 22 at 07:18 AM

      I know it's lame and typical, but I love my switch from candy to fruit. Don't get me wrong, still love it, but I found ways to buy fruit and not go broke doing so smile

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      Apr 22 at 07:29 AM

      Great suggestions on swaps guys.... thanks for sharing!

      I think finding swaps is so important on this journey to a healthier lifestyle b/c no one wants to feel totally deprived, and everyone has their limits when it comes to self-control and how long they can hold out before caving. It's also been proven to be a psychological strategy to exchange bad behaviors (or food) for good instead of trying to just stop something altogether. For example, instead of biting your nails, chew gum. Trading behaviors or food for the better has shown to help people be more successful in making and sticking to the positive change! So keep those swaps coming! I'm always looking for swaps in everything - behaviors, reactions, words, food, exercise... Progress, not perfection smile

    • I switched soda for water, the couch for a gym, ground beef for ground turkey, pork sausage for chicken sausage, potatoes for whole grain couscous or quinoa, chips for nuts, and started juicing in the morning!

    • ashleydonahoo has a Gold Membership
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      Apr 22 at 07:39 AM

      Perfect swaps and great examples!

    • Before, when I was bored, I used to go in the kitchen and eat bits and pieces of everything but now if I feel bored, I have a big glass of water and a green tea or I do 100 squats smile

    • I drink 2 cups of water before meals and my 1 snack. Dole chocolate dipped frozen strawberries 50 cal or bananas 100 cal instead of ice cream so easy to savor. I add red cabbage ( I buy it chopped) to all my salads. It's pretty, filling and antioxidant boost.

    • Smaller plates! We have eaten whole foods for quite awhile, but my problem was primarily portion control and potatoes in all their various preparations.

      Still no full swap for the potatoes. Occasional sweet potato fries.

    • Used to have for breakfast a flour tortilla taco 3-4 days a week, now I either have oatmeal with fruit and/or white egg n ham sandwich (wheat bread)

    • Haha this is silly but I would smoke a cigarette on the way to the train but instead I just run now hah... I started doing this cause I was late all the time then I fell in love with that quick ten minute jog and don't crave cigs at that time anymore..

    • ^^^ ditto^^^ EJMM. I forgot about that swap! Squash being out of season right now.. I didn't think of it!

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      Apr 22 at 10:11 AM

      Some of my favorites...

      I substitute Greek yogurt for mayo whenever I can get away with it.

      Stevia for sugar in my coffee, (but I only like Truvia, which is crystals just like sugar...not powder).

      Unsweetened almond milk for cream in my coffee.

      I Can't Believe it's Not Butter Spray in place of butter when it works, (sometimes just the flavor of butter is enough...spritzed on steamed broccoli sometimes, for instance).

      --Ann smile

    • I replace a meal with a blended green drink .-. I also found a new love for yam cake noodles in place of real noodles. They're pretty good fried.

      I also used Greek yogurt to replace the mayo in cole slaw and it's pretty good. I just like coleslaw.

    • Actually eating! You can have that wimpy little breakfast sandwich and greasy hash browns or you can eat like a champ. I had strawberry pancakes and an omelette for breakfast today. I also gave up soda and don't even want it any more. My husband bought me some last night thinking it would help (been having weird health issues since I gave it up) and I took two sips, don't even want it.

    • Swapping to all water was the best choice!!!!! I cut out all diet soda and "Arnold Palmer lite iced tea " I was completely obsessed with that stuff and I noticed a huge difference!!!!