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Age Spots

What Infections Cause Spotting Symptoms?

What Infections Cause Spotting Symptoms?. Spotting represents a small amount of blood coming from your reproductive tract. Occasio...

What if an Age Spot Is Changing & Itchy?

Age spots are common and usually harmless. However, an age spot that is changing or itchy needs to be checked to make sure it is n...

Causes of Liver Cysts

Liver cysts are fluid-filled crevices or sacs in the liver. The majority of hepatic (liver) cysts are unremarkable and never produ...

What Are the Causes of White Spots on Tan Skin?

White spots on the skin become more noticeable with a tan, leading sufferers to search for the cause. Usually, white spots are not...

Age Spots on the Lips

When you notice brown age spots on your lips, your first thought may include deep concern about your well-being. Fortunately, in m...

Spots Under My Nose

Spots on the face, especially in visible places such as beneath the nose, can be frustrating and hard to conceal. They can be caus...

What Causes White Spots in the Throat?

Having white spots or patches in your throat can be disconcerting, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms. White areas ...
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