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Baby Safety

Crib Age Safety

As your baby grows, it’s imperative that that her crib adjusts to her changing safety needs. Compared to all nursery product...

Air Conditioners & Babies

Keeping your baby cool during the summer months is important to reduce the risk of your child overheating. According to the Americ...

Should Babies Have Blankets on Cold Nights?

Creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby is one of your top priorities after you bring her home from the hospital. Keepi...

Crib Slat Safety

Baby cribs are responsible for more deaths than any other nursery item, warns the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The sla...

How to Stop Swaddling a Baby

Many babies like to be swaddled for the first few months of life. Swaddling provides warmth and a sense of security for infants, h...

Infants and Boat Safety

For some families, boating is a favorite pastime and one that parents are eager to enjoy with their children. But taking an infant...

Can My 6-Month-Old Use Crib Bumpers?

To many parents, crib bumpers are adorable. They look pretty in the crib, and they help both parents and children to feel safe. Ho...

At What Age Can a Baby Ride in a Jogging Stroller?

Making your baby part of your daily workout routine can be fun and can help to strengthen the bond you share. But it’s impor...

Are Baby Wipes Dangerous?

Baby wipes are a fixture on most changing tables, and when used appropriately, most baby wipes are a safe and hygienic product. Be...

The Ideal Temperature for Swimming With Babies

Swimming with your baby can be relaxing and fun, encouraging physical activity and experiencing aquatic environments. Basic swimmi...
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